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My daughter is a very attractive, intelligent young woman who has suffered her first heartbreak. She dated her boyfriend from high school and she broke up with him about a month or so ago.

I have been telling her she needs to date other guys to be sure that her high school sweetheart has what it takes for a lasting relationship. Well, it finally happened when she was in D.C. she met a guy several years older, more mature, hot as hell and she was drawn in like a flame.

They hung out for a couple of weeks while she was doing her internship. I told her do not sleep with this guy, hey I warned her. Once a girl has sex with a guy the relationship is special her and to him its usually just a nice warm place to park his junk.

Her internship ended and she decided to stay with this guy for a week and I gave my blessing. She needed to experience and explore her feelings for this guy. He gave her a shitload of signs that he wasn’t serious about her but she just didnt pick up on them.

I go down and pick her up and bring her home and within the next two weeks they agreed to meet in Pittsburgh. The room they were to rent had lock issues and they had left his wallet and her phone inside and couldnt get in, had to call locksmith which took until 1:30 in the morning. He also parked his car in a no parking zone and it got towed. 

They had to find the towing lot and the car wasnt his so they had to get a shitload of info to the tow place before they would release the car. Then on top of all that his uncle supposedly died and he had to fly to out of the country.

He paid 400.00 to have my daughter flown home and they agreed to meet here in Michigan last weekend. I could tell this guy  was either super flaky or a gemini because he was flighty as hell.

Well she tries to contact him to find out what airlines and it was like pulling teeth getting him to reply. Sure as shit he didnt show up and to this day she has not heard from him. It hurt her terribly but she has learned and she will be cautious in the future.