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So many dates start with dinner then a movie and so many also end up in bed with the person. She so wanted to meet him but she wasn’t the type of woman that dinner and a movie moved her.

She was a woman that enjoyed animals and the outdoors and she prefered their first date be something that required comfortable clothing. No fancy suits, dresses or heels just two people getting to know each other without the pressure that comes with wanting to look like a professional.

She was more than happy to walk her dogs in the park, go the festivals, fairs simple things. She found dates to be more interesting when she could be herself and be comfortable in the environment.

She knew one day the right man would come into her life and she could picture herself walking up to him and place her hands on his face. She brought her lips to his and kissed him gently.

Her hands roamed his face, neck and chest and she could see herself slowly unbuttoning his shirt. She could feel the warmth of his skin and a simple kiss turned into a serious make out session for these two.

They couldn’t get enough of each other as the attraction was  something neither of them had felt in a long time. She wanted to have sex but she refused to be someones sloppy seconds. She made him aware that to fuck her he had to commit to a one on one sexual relationship.

She didnt want to control him but she  respected herself to much to let any man use her for a  semen depository. Once he was willing to commit to her sexually then he would experience a sexual experience that would be so  damn exciting.

In her mind’s eye she could see herself removing his clothing piece by piece. She loved the feel of his body and she liked running her hands over his ass. He had a nice hard on and that so turned her on.

She couldn’t wait to feel him inside of her and the two of them rocking together. She couldn’t wait for the day that they would finally consummate their relationship. As long as he had his freedom and she did as well both would find a very satisfying time together. 

Her biggest fear was that he would fall in love with her like so many others. She wasn’t one to hurt others intentionally but when pushed she had no choice.  Her sub had crossed the line and she had to cut him free.

He had fallen for her and he had fallen hard. He was married but in his mind he would do as he so pleased and if that included cheating on his wife he would do that. He would come visit her and he tried to buy her love.

He bought her all types of kinky gifts and he thought spending money on her and buying her gifts was the way to her heart. She wasn’t a material person and no she would have nothing to do with him physically.

She kept telling him that she was his domme and nothing more. She refused to involve herself with a submissive as she had no respect for subs. He wasn’t attractive to her in the least bit and she tried not to hurt him.

He finally woke up and realized that they would never have a vanilla relationship. He like so many other subs male and female looked for love in the bdsm world. The vanilla world held no love for them or so they thought.

She considered him a friend and nothing more and he finally realized that she was true to her word. She was never going to have an exclusive relationship with him. Not only was he not attractive to her he suffered from erectile dysfunction as well.

She was to sexual of a woman to settle for a man that had a cock that wouldn’t get hard. She was glad that her sub finally went on his way as he really offered her nothing. Now her alpha man turned her on and excited her.

She hadnt felt anything like this since she was in her teens and it seemed so foreign. They continued to play their cat and mouse game but one day soon they would be meet .Then and only then would like know for sure if they had an undeniable attraction.