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He had experienced so many skanky women around the world and he had fun doing it for  a while but then he got bored. Sure, he wanted sex as often as he could get it but he got tired of women of that caliber. 

He finally had reached the point in his life that he wanted more than sex, he wanted to meet someone that mentally excited him. He wanted, no he needed a challenge and he found the perfect woman.

She was dominant as himself and his desire to flex his mental muscle was exciting as hell. The attraction between the two of them was strong, powerful and comfortable. He appreciated the fact that she had worked damn hard her entire life, raised two kids by herself for the last five years and she was intelligent.

Her strength was obvious as she was steadfast in her opinions and she danced to her own beat. She wasnt needy, didnt want to marry, didnt want more children and sure as hell refused to let anyone clip her wings.

She had no desire to control a partner but her alpha counterpart tried to flex his control over her. What the alpha male didnt realize is she had played him. They chatted on skype and neither knew what each other looked like, he had looked at old pics of her and yes she had changed a bit with age. He on the other hand refused to show himself which was fine because when they had first met she was curious of his appearance but no longer.

She sat back thinking about how superficial all of us are when it comes to dating. We are stimulated by the appearance of someone. All of us judge by appearance and by doing so we tend to close the door before we allow that person to walk through the door.

She was no longer interested in his appearance because she enjoyed chatting with him regardless of his appearance. She already knew he was a very strong alpha male but trying to control her was a joke.

The banter between the two of them was funny and the respect between each other was obvious. He told her he wanted her and asked her if she wanted him. He wanted her to say it not once, not twice but over and over.

She sat back and laughed at him because he thought he was in total control of her. He had to know that he controlled her because that fed the part of his ego that enjoyed control. She knew a strong woman knows she can feed another’s desires without losing herself.

She strung him along because she needed to know if he really was interested in her or just her pussy. He had said the words she needed to hear and when he asked her to say she wanted him she had danced around the words.

She knew how long to string him along before his frustration level was so that he threatened to delete her or funnier yet he threatened to ban her for a week, roflmao.  He would come and go and she wouldn’t hear from him for days so to ban her was no biggy.

She finally admitted to him she was attracted to him mentally but she didnt know physically if there was attraction. She let him think that she had given in to him but what he didnt know was she had been the coach and he was her player.

So many underestimated her and thought her to be just another run of the mill female until they talked to her. She wasn’t the type of woman that wanted anyone to clipping her wings. She needed to soar at her own pace and she refused to let anyone tell her what to do.

Being a grown woman she had no need or desire to control anyone. She wanted her mate to grow and she was secure enough to want him to travel, feel free to do as he pleased without the bitching.

She didnt want anything more from a male than companionship occasionally and great sex. She was not one that would allow jealousy to enter her mind or deal with jealousy of a mate.

She wasn’t the type to be in a relationship with someone and cheat with another. If she desired to date someone else she would definitely say so. She knew if her head was being turned then it was time to end the relationship.

It was obvious these two were drawn to each other but the alpha male felt the need to flex his muscle. She knew the way to deal with a male like him is to feed his fantasy of controlling her. She was secure enough to let him think that he was controlling her and that was the secret to their relationship. As long as he believed he was in control things went smoothly.