Her life had been filled with strife and loss and the only constant in her life was her secret admirers online. They followed her wanting to know everything about her and the more they read her writings the more they wanted to experience  her.

It had been a very hot day and she was laying out completely naked soaking up the sun. She thought about rubbing suntan oil all over his body and the very thought of massaging his ass and cock got her wet.

She fantasized about kissing him and getting him excited physically and the thought of mounting him was uncontrollable. They had the privacy of the beach by themselves which made it more appealing to slip him inside of her.

She guided him into her as she leaned over and brushed her nipples against his lips, taunting him to suck and lick them. She began moving slowly back and forth digging her nails into his hands.

She moved back and forth rubbing her clit on his lower abdomen and he let go of her hands only to dig his fingers into her ass cheeks. She screamed out as her orgasm began to build and this got him beyond aroused.

He grabbed her and flipped her off of him and onto all fours and he positioned himself behind her with his knees pushing her legs farther  apart. Once positioned comfortably he guided his rock hard cock into her wetness.

Grabbing her hips he thrust into her with an unexpected tightness for a woman of her age. They rocked together and he teased her clit with one of his free hands which made them cum together.

After their explosive orgasms they fell back on the sand laughing and holding hands. He brought her hand up to his lips and gently kissed her hand. They looked deep into each others eyes and the unspoken truth that kept them connected finally revealed itself.