You have been following online for what, 5-6 years now? Not sure if there are one or two of you but whom ever has been chatting with me on skype its time to step up. You think I dont know you are still playing with your girlfriend?

You think I am not aware that she is in your arms while I am in your mind? You think I dont know that you are fucking her with me on your mind? You are so afraid to let me in and I am afraid of you as well.

I am opening myself up to you but I will not be your doormat or second fuck. I just refuse to share my body with you and your girlfriend. I have no problem with meeting you,spending time with you but I will not fuck you unless its a one on one relationship.

I really wish you would either work things out with her , which by the way wont last but do what you must. You and I are twin flames and soul mates so deny it all you want I will never be far from your mind.