I’ve come along way in the past five years and I am finally ready to give my all to someone who wants to give me their all. My kids are gone and its just me and my pets which opens my life up for a relationship.

You follow me and think about me everyday almost and you lie next to her wondering how you’re going to end it with her without hurting her. She will be fine and its time for you to follow your personal desires.

You chatted with me a year ago and now that you are no longer living with her you are back. Maybe that all changed and you got married who knows? It’s not fair of you to put me in a position that I have to declare my desire for you over and over.

Then you disappear and I dont hear from you, not sure what you think you are doing but it is really mean and unkind to lead someone on with no intention of meeting her. You told me you respected me, well I do not feel respected in the least.

Im just not sure how many people I am chatting with, one or two? Stop with the games get focused and leave what doesnt serve you.