I really have no desire to be with a submissive male but that seems to be the majority of men in this world. I asked a friend to help me change a tire and he kept telling me it wouldnt go on.

Im like for fucks sake do I have to do everything? He was trying to put the tire on backward and I am just standing there thinking to myself, what the fuck???? I am forever being let down by men and Im so over the bullshit.

I have someone who chatted with me a year ago, we were going to meet and he disappeared into thin air. Ok, if you’re going to be an asshole dont bother me because you are involved, married or living with someone.

It’s now a year later and he was back contacting me on skype. Of course he never shows his face and gets a kick out of being mysterious. True form he has done the same thing again about a month ago was our last chat.

He is obviously intrigued by me but he is hanging onto a relationship going nowhere fast. He told me he wanted me and he wanted me to say the same back to him like three times. What is the point of asking someone about their feelings when you have no intention of meeting them face to face.

He thinks he is all that but he isnt because a man doesnt lead a woman on and he doesnt sneak behind his girlfriends back visiting bdsm sites. He will never find what he is looking for on those sites and he isnt bright enough to see what stands before him is his soulmate.

Why do you want to lead me on only to drop me flat? I do not deserve to be treated that way and you know it. Get your shit together and move forward instead of staying in the same situation day after day. You show me not an ounce of respect even though you say you  respect me.