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There comes a time when we have to delete people from our lives, maybe they be family or friend. I tend to give people to many chances and all I get is screwed over in the end. I dont have room in my life for people that want to hurt me.

I have finally reached the point that I no longer have any desire to meet or be with someone that is so full of himself I want to puke. He played me twice in the past year but that is over now.

He has a girlfriend and he has no business chatting with anyone as long as he is fucking this chick every two weeks. He wants his cake and eat it to but I will have none of that shit. He doesnt want to end what he has going with her but he also wants to play on the side.

He told me he had respect for me but he doesnt know what the word even means. He gets a kick out of leading people on just to feed his own lame ass ego. Am I pissed? Damn right I am because I dont deserve to be lead on only to be dropped on my face.

O well, good luck and enjoy your games you play online, and no Im not going to feed your ego by posting anything on my fb for you to remark to. You are no man, no you are a little boy that needs to grow the fuck up because you have lost my interest and any respect I ever felt for you.