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Looking back my life has changed so much in the past five years. Three years ago I quit smoking cigarettes and a year ago I quit smoking weed for pain. I hate it when something or someone can control me so I took control  and stopped two of my vices.

I am no longer involved in the bdsm world and I no longer allow my son or his girlfriend to disrespect me. I had to tell them to leave my home because they refuse to treat me with the respect I am do.

They ended up going to Texas unannounced on someones door step they met online playing League of Legends. My son ended up punching the husband in the face and now he is dealing with assault charges.

He didnt agree with the parents spanking their 3 and 5 year old. My son and Erica both claim to have been abused. Erica may have but my son has never been abused in any way shape or form.

My son thinks I owe him and I have no idea why and he can justify anything he does to anyone. My daughter will be moving to MSU the end of August so it will be just me and my pets.

Im finally getting into a groove that will allow me to have a relationship that will be healthy and happy. I dont have time for games online or the bullshit of those that are too insecure to let go of a relationship that is going no where.

For the lame ass fool that thinks he is so damn smart and you know who you are go fuck yourself. I am too much of a real woman and obviously to much for you to handle as you prefer those ten years younger because they can be played so easily.

Dont read anything I write or look at my pictures because you have no intention of ever meeting me so dont follow me online. Maybe one day you will be able to handle a real woman but obviously not at this time. FYI, it hurts when someone leads you on and tells you they want you and they insist on you repeating the same thing over and over to them.