Did you ever sit back and let moments of melancholy overcome you? Did you ever feel a sadness come over you when you finally accepted the fact that the feelings you had for someone were misguided?

Did you ever feel let down because someone you looked up to was no one to look up to at all? Did you ever feel the cloak of emotions come over you so strongly that tears escaped your eyes?

Did you ever feel so damn foolish that you cannot even look at yourself in the mirror? Did you wonder what did you ever do to have someone want to hurt you emotionally? Why of all people did he pick you to play cat and mouse with?

How did the connection between the two of even begin? Did he not find you online and he has never let go? Did he find you so fascinating he couldnt help but want to creep on you and watch you from a distant?

He finds her so amusing and interesting but he is to fearful of her  rejection as he knows she will reject him if she doesnt like him. She has no desire to be part of his personal circus with the press and she has no desire to live the fancy and expensive life.

He enjoys the fruit of his younger girlfriend but he thirsts for intelligent life form elsewhere. His girlfriend isnt stupid but the age difference brings with it many age related  differences.

There will come a time when his desire to meet her overcomes any fear he may have. He will finally feel the attraction between the two of them. He will finally know what it is like to surrender your heart to someone and feel safe doing so.