So you married young and never experienced dating people your own age and you feel somewhat cheated. You committed yourself to marriage, family and the white picket fence around the yard.

Your marriage falls into the track that will eventually lead you down the road of divorce. Once single or at least separated you begin to pursue the opposite sex. You find yourself attracted to much younger people because they make you feel young again.

You look for someone ten to fifteen years younger than yourself because you actually think the person is interested in you. Ladies, the younger men want to bone you and you being older and secure on all levels you can give the gigolo everything he wants.

Now the older gentleman dates the younger woman because she is younger, pretty, thin and she pays attention to him. Little does he know she only wants what she can get out of him.

She likes the nice dinners and attending events that the older, mature gentleman will take her to. He has fooled himself into thinking that people seeing him with a younger woman respect and admire him, not.

When the two older individuals take a good look at their lives they want something more than a cute girlfriend or boyfriend. They realize that the age difference keeps them from building a solid relationship.

The younger person will hang around trying to get a ring on their finger and the older man either wakes up and sees her for what she is or he will marry her thinking life will be grand. The reality is the younger woman only wants all the material shit she can get.

She will end up divorcing the older man because he has aged and is no longer attractive to the young woman. She gets pregnant, married and now you belong to her and you realize that she cannot fill.

You hunger for someone that can relate to you and has experienced many of the same things you have. Men, you find a woman closer to your age to be mentally as well as physically exciting. Ladies, a man your age will feed your desires.

You dont have to play teacher in day to day life and you dont have to be a teacher in bed either. Dating individuals our own age or within ten years of us tend to give us everything we need to be happy.

You think Im full of shit and the young piece of meat you are boning really loves you for the person you are, correct? Well, wake up and realize you are nothing more than money and gifts and yes even the sex will fall lame in time.

My advice is enjoy the ride for about two years because that is the average length of time relationships like this last. You will hunger for someone closer to your age and you will feel terrible about hurting your young piece of ass.

If you find yourself interested in someone else that alone tells you that your current relationship will not last. So, what shall it be? Be too intimidated by the woman or man closer to your age or make the move you fantasize about so much.