What is it you are afraid of? You watch me from a distance and you try to hack into my email and other accounts. You think I dont know its you? Well, think again because it wasn’t to hard to put the pieces together.

Do you think I am waiting for you to get tired of the lame ass relationship you have? I am not one bit jealous if that is what you are thinking. She is nothing but young, dumb and a fuck to you.

You arent going to marry her and give her babies now are you? Do you think she doesnt want a family of her own because she possibly claims she doesnt want that. You stay in something that is comfortable and safe.


If you wanted her so badly why do you keep track of everything I do online? As far as my passwords, even you are not smart enough to figure them out. I no longer am waiting for you to show your face because I no longer care if you ever do step up.

You either think you are to good for me or you’re to damn insecure to meet me. If I wanted to hurt you I  could have long ago. Im not impressed by you or admire you because to me you are just another swinging dick.

I know its you on my facebook, skype, trying to get the passwords to my yahoo and other accounts. You are so vain you think some of the stories I write are about you but you are wrong. I have a very rich  imagination and I have plenty of fantasies to write about.

I would so love it if you would meet me and see if there is anything between us. What do you have to fear? Come on, be the man your papa raised you to be. I wont beg and I wont ask you again.I would appreciate it if you  would realize how you hurt me leading me on like you have.

 I want to move on with my life and let myself be open to others. Im tired of being alone and waiting for you to accept what is, akai ito or unmei no akai ito and yes it is meant to be and deep down you accept it but still fear it.