The night air was cool and felt good as it took over the daytime heat. The sound of the screaming of those on the carnival rides was the first sound they heard as they walked up to the fair entrance.  The bells and whistles of the games being played by adults trying to win a stuffed animal for their child reminded her of a time long ago.

They walked into an open barn and inside was the kids 4H club entries of the largest squash, largest pumpkin, the best all around vegetable display and so on. Inside, she was overcome with the flood of memories that came to her.

As a child she had belonged to the 4H club and she had entered into the dressage category for horses. She also had grown vegetables and she enjoyed the fun that came with staying at the fairgrounds with her group.

The sites, sounds and smells brought back so many childhood memories and she remembered how everything tasted. Fairground food is among a food group of its own as the fresh squeezed lemonade draws the bees and the funnel cake draws the crowds.

They were in their own world of memories as they walked the barns and show rings. He grabbed her by the waist and turned her around to the exit on the side of the barn. Like two young kids they began to kiss and their hands began to roam.

He was so turned on he couldnt help but grind his hardon into her pelvic area. Both of them sexually excited as they fought the sexual frustration that comes with not being able to have sex when you want.

He turned her around and lifted her dress seeking out her panties. Grabbing the waist band of her panties he pulled them down to her knees as he forced her to bend over. Unzipping his pants his cock flew out with a mind of its own as it sought out her wetness.

Finding his target he plunged his hardness into over and over, deeper and deeper as they both began to orgasm together. When they were done he pulled up her panties and turned her around and kissed her.

He took her by the hand and they walked back onto the midway and they found themselves in front of the ferris wheel. They got on and sat close to each other as their seats rocked back and forth.

Once they were close to the top they began to make out again and his fingers found her nipples and her hand found his rock hard cock. She stopped kissing him and bent over and took his cock in her mouth.

She stroked his cock while she used her mouth to bring him to a quick and unexpected orgasm. She licked his cock clean and she sat up and they looked at each other and busted out laughing.