When I was about eighteen I began to have mood swings and I had difficulties controlling my anger. I started going to counseling trying to figure out where all the anger came from and how to diffuse it.

For years I attended counseling sessions on and off and as I aged I learned how to let go of what doesnt serve me. I finally became a mother and my hormones changed tremendously and I no longer had the mood swings.

Then I was consumed by menopause and that played havoc with my hormones. Menopause can make a sane woman crazy in no time. Menopause controlled me and once again I had mood swings.

My marriage sucked but I do believe that menopause made me do some really messed up things. I believe that menopause was the cause I filed for divorce finally. My hormones were all over the place and my unhappiness didnt help the situation.

I finally was able to make my way through the hormonal imbalance that comes with the grand menopausal mess up. I no longer deal with bipolar madness as my hormones have returned to their rightful place in what is considered normal.

I still have the typical scorpio temper when pushed too far but fortunately for me I dont get really mad too often. Age has mellowed me out but I still have a very feisty personality at times. 

It’s been a tough row to hoe but I have done the best I could with what I had. All I want now is someone to share my life with. Someone that enjoys good company and doesnt like to be lied to, manipulated or used.