He sat down his Ipad and looked out the window of his private jet hearing her voice all over again. His wife always complained that he was gone to much and to be honest he really did travel quite a bit. In fact, more than quite a bit as he was only home for a few days every couple of weeks.

She had ragged on him again and it seemed like that was all she ever did when he was home. She had asked him if he could make it home for her family reunion but he really had no desire to do so and refused to make a commitment. 

To be totally honest he loved his job more than his wife and that was just the way it was. His job was more than a job and so many people had jobs because of him. He loved his life except for his wife’s nagging and he had no interest in ever retiring.

He leaned his head back on the headrest and closed is eyes remembering the day he married his wife. It was fun, exciting and sexually charged as is the case with most wedding nights.

He had met his wife when she was fifteen and he had fallen hard for her, never desiring to date another girl. They wanted children and he especially wanted a daughter but that never did happen because the higher power decided he would have boys.

He took care of his family and they would never have a single financial worry. They would attend private schools and they would walk through doors that had been opened for them. Yes, dad loved his wife and boys but now his wife was no longer interested in sex and they were like two ships in the night.

Behind closed eyelids he replayed the porno movie he had watched the night before. Now, that is what he needed and wanted. He wanted to have sex again as his wife had no interest. He got hard just seeing in his minds eye the face of a lovely woman sucking his cock.

His cock was hard and it made it uncomfortable to sit so he slid his hand under his Ipod and rearranged his package. He knew it was just a matter of time before he filed for divorce and his wife was secretly thinking the same thing.

He was shaken back into reality by the turbulence that was tossing his plane about the friendly skies. His stewardess had informed him that the captain wanted everyone to buckle up for a bumpy ride until he could land safely.

They landed at the first airport they reached and he decided to get off his plane and walk around the airport to stretch his legs. As he walked by people he wondered what their sex lives were like. He wondered how many people were in the same situation as he was and if they did anything about it.

He walked into the bar and pulled up a chair and he ordered a scotch neat. He sipped on his drink as he checked his email. He was used to being surrounded by people so sitting alone felt odd yet comforting.

Walking towards him was a beautiful woman that looked disheveled and tired. She walked by him not paying him any attention. She sat at the bar and she placed her purse on the chair next to her. She took off her coat and turned around to put on the back of her chair only to knock her purse and its contents to the floor.

Being the gentleman that he was, he leaned down and began to hand her the items that he picked up. She thanked him and made the remark that she was having a hell of a day and that she wasn’t this scattered usually.

He asked her if he could buy her a drink and she gladly accepted. They introduced themselves and talked about where and why they were traveling. Both of them annoyed at being grounded by weather they began to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

They had been texted telling them that they would be grounded for the night and wouldn’t be able to fly out until early morning. He had several scotch and she had several tequila and she decided to go to a local hotel for the night.

He told her he would escort her to the hotel and being married so long he had learned long ago never to expect anything from anybody and that included sex. It had crossed his mind that he would enjoy touching her breasts but he would never be so bold as to make a move the first time.

They decided to have dinner but she wanted to freshen up a bit and she left him in the lobby. She couldn’t believe how attracted she was to this guy and how much their lives were alike.

She loved to wear lingerie and she always traveled with an extra outfit “just in case”. After pinning up her hair she took a quick shower, freshened her perfume and her makeup. She came back downstairs in a pretty dress, stockings and heels and she was turning him on like crazy.

They  were tired and just wanted to eat so they had dinner at the restaurant in the hotel. From the moment they sat down they were attracted to each other and they were horny as hell. They ate and chatted and there wasnt a second of silence between them. They had a bottle of wine for dinner and they were feeling the affects.

They finished dinner and he asked her if he could escort her to her room, for her safety of course.  Neither one of them would shut up as they walked to the elevator and took it up to her floor.

They got to her room and he took her key from her hand and opened the door for her. She was truly impressed by his caring and considerate manner. She invited him in for a nightcap and he accepted.

He sat on the end of the bed and she walked over to the minibar and asked him if he would like another scotch neat. He said yes and she grabbed several bottles of tequila at the same time.

She sat next to him and poured the alcohol into the two plastic cups she had found in the bathroom. They both expressed their surprise at how similar their lives were and how empty they felt even though they had everything they wanted, that is materialistically.

He drank his scotch in two sips and she knocked back her tequila and she threw her cup towards the garbage can. He followed suit and neither one of their cups ended in the can and they both just laughed.

They looked into each others eyes and before they knew their lips had met and their hands began to roam each others body. They were so horny they began to rip at each others clothing. She pushed him back and she stood up as she slowly removed her clothing in front of him.

She was seductive, her lingerie was beautiful and those stockings and garter were making his cock twitch to its own beat. She slowly undid the hooks on the front of her bustier one at a time exposing a bit more of her breast.

Her panties were hugging her ass and the crotch framed her clit as his eyes were drawn down to her garters and stockings. He couldn’t believe this was happening to him and he was enjoying the hell out of it.

She undid the last hook and she slowly dropped her bustier to the floor. She stood before him topless and she walked up to him and put her hands on each side of his head and kissed him with every ounce of passion she had. 

She pushed off his shirt and pushed him back on the bed rubbing her bare breasts on his chest. He worked his way around to her breasts and suckled on her nipples as his other hand worked under her panties and over her ass.

She worked her way down to his crotch and took his cock into her mouth as she teased him with her erotic words. She asked him if he liked his cock sucked and his balls licked and she asked him if he liked her stroking him as she went up and down on him.

He got harder and harder with each sentence she said to him and he couldnt believe he was having such a great time. He hadnt had any fun in life in so long and this was just what he needed. 

He was almost ready to cum when he grabbed her arms and pulled her on  top of him. He was handling her aggressively because his cock wanted to bury itself inside her. He helped her position herself over his throbbing member and she slowly sat down on him.

They moved together in unison and both exploded with an orgasm of new proportions to them.  She pulled the blankets back and they crawled under the sheets as they continued to chat like they had known each other for years.

They napped for a few hours and they woke up only to have sex numerous times throughout the night. They couldnt get over how much they wanted to be with each other and he was feeling guilty for having such feelings.

He had asked her for her phone number earlier in the evening as he had connections that could help her with her current project. He got up at 4:30 a.m. and took a shower, got dressed and thanked her for a great evening and headed back to his private jet.

He entered his plane and took his seat with her on his mind every second. He wanted this woman and it just wasn’t about sex. He didnt want to seem to anxious so he waited several days to call her with the contact information  he had promised her. She really hadn’t expected him to call her but she thought about him more than she should. 

He had the ability to meet her anytime or  place  and he would be seeing more of this woman. He hadn’t felt this alive since his teens and he was damned if he would give it up. Now tell me, isn’t this the way it happens????