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 He played professional sports in his youth but like the rest of the world his body slowly broke down which made him change his ability and desire for that sport.  He now played golf like the rest of the men and women his age.

He had the most expensive equipment and his golf balls were titleist with his custom logo embossed on them. He played with the wealthy and famous and he enjoyed playing for charity.

He was never without plenty of attention from the ladies and he never had any problem getting laid. Because of his fame he was able to keep his private life private except for what he chose to share with the world.

His handicap was impressive and he enjoyed being able to increase his performance.  They were wrapping up the last hole when he saw her from a distance. She was extremely pretty and her clothing fit like a glove.

She had an ass that men loved as it was a nice big, round booty and her breasts were obviously a C cup or more. The men all remarked to each other that she was definitely something they would love to taste.

They headed back to the clubhouse and a few guys stayed for one last beer while the others headed out. After a few beers he headed for the mens room and in front of him headed for the ladies room was the “woman”.

He did his business, washed his hands and headed out the door hoping to run into his next conquest. Yes, in his mind he had already fantasized about fucking her and he could just imagine her lips on his cock.

Just as his luck would have it she exited the ladies room at the same time and he moved to one side for her to walk in front of him. She said thank you and as they headed back into the main room he asked her if she would like to have a drink with him. That was if she were alone and unescorted.

She accepted his offer and he lead her to a table and excused himself as he headed back to let the guys know he would see them later. Heading back to the table to be with this woman he thought of all kinds of sexually delicious things he would like to do to her and have her do to him.

He sat down and they ordered their drinks and they began to chat about golf, their family life, work ect.  They were knocking back quite a few drinks and she could hold her liquor  like a sailor and he attempted to keep up with her.

She eventually thanked him for the drinks and told him she was heading home for the evening. He walked to her car as she weaved back and forth under a drunken stupor. He  took her keys and unlocked the car door but before he could open it she had pushed him against the car.

She sought out his lips and kissed him hard and fast and her hands were roaming his body seeking out his cock. Like any typical man he reacted with shock and surprise but was enjoying every second. She found his rock hard cock and she tore at his belt and undid his pants.

She pulled down his pants and shorts and slowly lowered herself onto her knees in front of him. She stroked his cock and balls as she worked her warm, wet mouth up and down on his member.

He was almost ready to cum when he pulled her to her feet, opened the car door and pushed her back onto the bench seat. He unzipped her outfit and pulled it off of her only to see the beautiful white lingerie she was wearing.

He pulled her panties down and undid her bra discarding them to the floor of the car. He loved to eat pussy but damn he didnt know this woman and like the others he would just wrap his tool and fuck them.

He spread her legs with his body and he guided his cock into her wet pussy and as he buried it in its entirety he reached over and played with her nipples as he sucked on each one of them.

The moon was full and bright and they could see each other without any problem even though it was well past midnight. She admired his looks and his chest was well chiseled and he had nice muscular thighs as well.

She stopped him before he could shoot his wad and she told him that she wanted to change positions. She flipped over and got on all fours and ordered him to fuck her because she was on the verge of her own orgasm.

They were fucking like to heated black bears and both of them had to stifle their cries when they exploded.  Once they were done he pulled up his pants and thanked her for a great time.

Little did he know that the dinner party the following evening was being given by her and her husband, whom by the way worked closely with him yet he had never met his wife. He arrived with his girlfriend on his arm expecting another boring dinner party.

The butler opened the door and took their coats as he lead the way to the drawing room. Once he entered the room he shook hands with the host and hostess. Both of them acting like they didnt know each other they both felt extremely uncomfortable even though they didnt show it.