He sat back and watched the crimson sun slowly disappear into the equator. He had already poured himself some wine and he was getting prepared for the evening show to begin.

His penthouse looked over the city and he could see into the apartments down below. He caught himself sneaking a peek into one of the apartments, watching her waiting for her to unknowingly entertain him.

He even invested the best binoculars  available and he had mounted the binoculars onto a stand that allowed him to move in any direction he needed. When the package arrived he tried to not open it because he knew he wanted to see her through them and that would make him a pervert.

That was his self evaluation of what he considered to be part of his naughty side coming out. Just like so many others he found himself doing something he felt ashamed of but still felt exhilarating as well.

He had been spying on her for years and he was sure she knew he was watching her. He felt that she was giving him a private lap dance per se. He had watched her with men as well as by herself.

This evening it appeared that she hooked up with an old lover and he watched with envy as the gentleman moved his hands up under her dress. They were standing at the foot of her bed exploring each others bodies as the gentleman got down on his knees.

He slowly kissed her thighs as he pulled down her panties. He slowly pushed her onto the bed and removed her heels and panties swiftly. He had her bend her knees and he buried his face into her moistness.

There he was in a completely silent penthouse with the lights out sitting in his leather chair with his feet up on the foot rest. There he sat, naked and erect watching the scene before him.

This was the best part of his evening as he watched and stroked his cock and rubbed his balls. He had the binoculars positioned so he could lie back in his chair and watch as he stroked.

He had watched her so much that he knew when she was ready to have an orgasm. He didnt take long to cum as he imagined that he was the one on both knees. He enjoyed stroking his cock and he was one lucky guy to have such stimulating media.

He watched  the gentleman as  he thrusted into her and that got him so hot as he imagined it was he fucking her. The faster the thrusting the faster he stroked his cock and as she dug her fingernails into his ass he couldn’t help but shoot his wad.

Being a voyeur has its advantages he thought to himself as he got up and headed to the shower. She was predictable as she had a routine like everyone else and she also had a healthy sexual appetite.

She masturbated daily usually before she retired for the evening so he had a show nightly. She rarely shared her bed with a man purely for the sex and she had the same sexual partner for years. 

He enjoyed watching her with her male friend but he preferred to watch her pleasure herself. He was sure that the show was for him as she undressed slowly exposing such attractive lingerie. She removed her clothing seductively and positioned herself in a large beanbag type of chair.

She was able to spread herself and he could clearly see her pretty pink bud. He literally had  a birds eye view as he focused his binoculars on her crotch. She stroked herself slowly at first and she played with her nipples.

The more excited she got the wetter she got he could see the glistening lubricant and that made him release his own pre cum. It was as if they were a couple as he stroked his cock faster and faster.

He wondered how many other men were as fortunate as he was to have such a show. He enjoyed his release and he didn’t have to pay for it like he did with the other women. He paid one way or the other for pussy but this was free and exciting.