You have plenty of money and fake friends so why do you waste your time trying to hack my logmein account. You will never figure out the password because I have made it so difficult for anyone, especially you to figure out. I have changed all of my passwords on accounts that matter to me. 

You can keep fighting our fate but we are destined to meet. Haven’t you figured out by now that your attraction to me controls you. You know akai and you know it is true so why continue to fight it?

I believe you fear approaching me because if I dont like you I will tell you. You are used to having your ass kissed but I wont do any kissing and you know it. Wouldn’t it be so embarrassing for me to tell you to fuck off?

Maybe, you should just hang with the group that is your crew and the ladies you fuck are no doubt spoiled rotten bitches that go from one famous guys bed to another. I have lived without so much for so long that materialism means nothing to me.

Every time you attempt to hack my  accounts I just sit back and laugh at your feeble attempts. Impress me by meeting instead of all this clandestine bullshit that you are hiding from your gf.