Thought you were so smart huh? Like I didnt know it was you on fubar and I wanted to thank you for deleting my account, lol. I was going to delete it myself but knowing that you were trying to show me that you could access my accounts I thought I would play with you, lol.

Fubar means nothing to me and I only went on the site once in awhile out of boredom. I have been deleting accounts I dont use or I let you feel superior and delete them for me. When are you going to realize that I am so far ahead of you in the game.

This isnt soccer and you hold no power what so ever over me. Once again you have entertained me and gave me another good laugh. You see, you have been played once again but you sit back laughing thinking you played me.

You just are not fast enough or know me well enough to affect me in any way or shape. Was I pissed you deleted my fubar, nope because I SET YOU UP- and btw I knew those pics had been photoshopped or hacked so after looking at them once I knew it was you up to your silly games. I’ve opened another account on Fubar just to screw with you but dont think you will friend me and see my nsfw folder, nope you got all you’re going to see of me you sorry dick.

You are never going to get one over on me so why dont you give up and move along. I am seriously so over you and your behavior. I thought my son was immature but you give a new meaning to the word. Go play with your lame as girlfriend adios…..