She was bench pressing weights when he came up to her and asked if she needed a spotter. She said yes and thanked him for offering to help her and they began to chat about the weather and how cold and wet it would be for the tricker treaters.

Halloween was a day for kids to go door to door dressed up like ghosts and goblins. The kids went out in the evening and were only allowed two hours to go door to door and  collect as much candy as they could.

When she was growing up  the kids made their own costumes, mostly ghosts because all they needed was a sheet with two holes for eyes. Back then the kids used a pillowcase to collect candy and the kids stayed out until late in the evening.

They chatted about their youth and halloween and as she lifted the weights he was there to help. When she was ready to get up off the bench she lost her balance and ended up with one hand up the leg of his shorts which of course tickled his fancy.

She apologized for her faux pas and he helped her up from the floor as he began to laugh which made her laugh as well. He invited her to a corn maze not far from her house and she agreed to go with him.

He was extremely attractive and looking at him made her wet with desire. She so wanted a piece of this man and she would get more then a piece.  She headed towards the locker room to take a quick shower and she had visions of his nakedness in her mind.

As she thought of him she began to wash herself sensually and she couldn’t help but massage her clit as she leaned against the shower wall. It took her no time at all to bring forth an orgasm and all she could think about was tasting his cock.

He picked her up and she brought along a raincoat just in case it started to rain. They chatted as if they had known each other for ever. Both felt comfortable with each other and she knew she was going to have a fun evening.

They got to the corn maze and he took her hand and directed her to the pay booth. He paid the attendant and they headed into the maze. She wondered if he knew his way out because she sure didnt.

As they walked the maze they would come upon couples that were making out and playing touchy feely.  Once they had gotten deep into the maze where nobody was he turned and kissed her. She couldn’t help herself and her hands roamed his body and his hands roamed hers as well.

He backed her into the wall of corn making sure that they couldn’t be seen by anyone. They kissed as his hands found her nipples and worked their way down to her wet sweetness. She undid his belt and pants and pulled them down to his ankles along with his briefs.

Both of them were beyond horny and she stroked his hard cock with anticipation of it inside of her. She really liked that he kept his garden trimmed nice and neat and she didnt have to fight with wild and uncontrollable pubic hair.

She slid down on her knees and took his hard cock into her warm mouth. She was slow and methodical and she knew exactly how to physically excite a man. She enjoyed giving head to a guy and she enjoyed listening to him suck in his breath.

She stroked his cock and balls and just as he was ready to explode she stopped. He helped her up and turned her around quickly. She spread her legs and bent over waiting for him to plunge his cock into her.

He grabbed her hips and aligned his cock so he could easily enter her. Slowly slipping his cock into her he was so taken by how good it felt to fuck her. He started out slow as he teased her and she began to beg him to fuck her.

He fucked her faster and faster and they both exploded in the most exciting orgasm both of them had experienced in a long time. They fell into the wall of corn stalks and started to make out just like the kids they had passed.

They could hear people in the distance heading their way so they quickly straightened their clothing and continued walking the maze. Finally, finding their way out of the maze they headed for the hot cider and donuts booth.

They sat on one of the bales of hay next to the fire and enjoyed themselves as they chatted and drank cider and ate freshly made donuts. He asked her if she was ready to go and she said yes without hesitation. He lead her to the car and like the gentleman he was he opened her door and helped her into his car.

He had a fire engine red maserati which he obviously loved and she was only slightly impressed. She had no desire for fancy cars or anything material because she learned long ago that you can’t get hugs and love from material possessions.

He had asked her earlier if she would like to get a bite to eat and even though she was only slightly hungry she had agreed anyway.  She did have a weakness for seafood and a fresh, sweet lobster sounded yummy.

She didnt touch the bread basket and only picked at her salad while she waited for her lobster tail. He ordered gnocchi and as the waiter  brought the dishes to the table the smell was heavenly.

As they talked she took a piece of the lobsters leg  and put it in her mouth only to bite down on it to get to the sweet meat. She looked at him seductively as she slipped off her shoe and put her foot in his crotch.

Rubbing his cock with her foot excited him to no end and he couldn’t control his cock as it got rock hard. This woman was just so real and fun which was a nice change for him as he got tired of all the rich bitches that he had fucked.

All of them expected him to buy them diamonds, rubies and emeralds, along with other things but not this lady. He asked her if she could have anything in this world what would she like and her response was family and love.

She was fortunate enough to have her children but everyone else had passed away. She hadn’t felt love or had been in love since she was in her teens. She looked at him with those eyes of naughtiness and she maneuvered her foot so she rubbed his balls and cock at once.

She slid around the booth to be next to him and she let her fingers do the walking. She undid his zipper and let his cock spring out of his pants. She stroked his cock faster and faster and when she was sure no one would see her she bent over into his lap. She gave his cock a tongue lashing that was so damn exciting he shot his wad without even being aware that he had cum.

He was so lost in thought along with excitement he couldnt help himself but look around hoping the waiter wouldn’t interrupt this wonderful moment. She finished licking and sucking on his cock and she sat up like nothing had gone on.

She sat up and ate her lobster seductively which made him get hard again in no time. This woman was such a sexually charged and exciting woman. She had stamina that a woman half her age didn’t have. 

They laughed and joked through the rest of their dinner and she wondered if she could get a piece of him again. Finishing their meal they headed for his car and both had sex on the brain.

She had finally found a man that could satisfy her sexual appetite and he had finally found a woman that enjoyed sex as much as he did. He headed towards her home and living in a rural area he had numerous places to park and fuck her again.

He pulled into the drive of what was obviously an abandoned farmhouse. They started making out and as they got more excited they decided it was time to put her raincoat to good use.

He threw the raincoat down and both of them removed each others clothing as quickly as they could. He sat down and took her hands as he pulled her towards him he laid flat on the ground.

She didnt need to be told twice because this is exactly what she wanted. She turned around and slowly crouched down on his face. As he licked, sucked and fingered her she was sucking his cock.

Both exploded with another orgasm and being fed and fucked they were both tired and ready to call it a night. He dropped her off and she went into her house and undressed conveniently leaving her cum stained panties in his car.

He drove home totally satisfied unaware that her panties were on the passenger seat. She thought she would see him at the gym but she didnt see him for months. Finally running into him in the store he told her his girlfriend found her panties and they had a huge fight.

She had no idea he had a girlfriend and she told him that he was a real piece of work. Living with a girlfriend and fucking other women just wasn’t kosher in her eyes. Just like so many others, she wiped him from her memory without a second thought.

She continued to go to the gym and she kept to her routine regardless of how shitty she felt. She hated guys that lied and played games and now she knew why he had been single for seven years. 

She was an optimist and  knew one day the man that was meant to be in her life would appear. She was a firm believer that people came and went from her life as they were suppose to and she would find her happiness with another one day soon.