We come into this world without a single fear, literally. As we hurt ourselves or others hurt us pain is a feeling that moves to the front of our brain. We learn early on hot from cold and how not to burn ourselves.

We learn how to love and share that love if we have those around us that can express their love. We learn about self esteem and how important our parents acceptance is to us. We fear rejection because it hurts our hearts so.

We learn the importance of belonging and how much it hurts when we are not accepted. We learn what  real love is like usually in our early teens. We love the feeling of love and being in someones life makes us feel like we are on top of a mountain.

Then we fall, no not fall but crash emotionally when things fall apart. We fear getting hurt and getting involved with someone again is comparable to stepping into a fire pit. We eventually come across someone that turns our heads and all we want is their attention.

We want that person but we are to afraid of our own emotions to move forward. Some people tend to become stalkers and cannot help their own desire for a person. They really want to be with that person but they dont want that person to know that we were creeping on them.

I have my own stalker that hacked one of my accounts and deleted it, I am assuming because the pictures I posted were very erotic and I believe he was jealous that other men looked at those pictures.

I have been ignoring him and that brings out anger in him and he wants to hurt me back. I dont mean to hurt him and have given him multiple opportunities to meet me. I have no doubt that one day we shall meet.

His attraction to me is somewhat of a mystery to him as I am not thirty years old and skinny. He has had more pussy thrown at him then most men but he has not met a single woman that excites him like I do.

I dont try to upset him but being alone for the past six years has worn on me and I want to share my life. Sweetie, one day you will push aside the wall of fear and you will meet me and yes you will be happily surprised, let yourself be happy.