The last five years of my life have been a rollercoaster of lessons and bad luck. I have tried to do the best I can and so far I have survived. I havent dated anyone since my husband died in 2011 and that is tied to my children.

I brought two children into this world and they have been my focus. When you are a single parent with children and you date other people then the trouble begins. More often than not the one you are dating cannot keep their mouth shut.

Our kids tend to say mean and hateful things to us and treat us poorly at times and our significant other cant stand it. They have to make remarks that do nothing but spur on anger and that puts distance between two people.

My kids are basically on their own as both are legal adults even though my son is still living at home. He is finally growing up as he is working seven days a week for minimum wage and going to school full time.

I am the typical mother or maybe I am not but when my children need something I do my best to see that they get it. Im not talking about giving them stuff because they want it, no I give them things they need. My son was telling me how cold his feet were as he works in a warehouse that isnt heated.

I bought him some really warm sox and some long underwear and he actually thanked me, which I was shocked. He’s trying to be a good father to his newborn daughter but the boy is so tired.

His girlfriend doesnt do a damn thing all day except fuck around on the computer and shove a tit in the mouth of the crying baby. She had the nerve to tell me she didnt want me holding the baby when she cried because that would spoil her, who in the fuck does she think she’s talking to????

I raised two children, worked full time and went to school so I think I know a thing or two about crying babies. My son and the gf will not stay together because my son cannot stand how lazy she is. This makes me laugh because he is no Mr. Clean but he is realizing that he cannot tolerate a messy house or bedroom.

I am finally ready to move on in my life and I am leaving alot of garbage behind me. I no longer will be played on the internet and I dont care if I ever talk to YOU again. I once was fascinated by YOU but you are so immature and full of yourself I have no desire to wait around for you. You could have met me long ago but you have chosen not to so Im wishing you good luck and happiness even though you wont find either.

You cant buy love and being a free agent was fun for awhile but now you are bored and tired of the immature little twits you have spent time with.  My dear, I do not wish to be wealthy or to be with anyone that is. Money is evil and those controlling it abuse their power and you are no exception.

One day you will wake up and want to be happy, want to be with someone because they want to be with you and not with you  for what you have.  Im sure you think you are all that but underneath you are just another insecure boy hiding in a man’s body.

Im starting the New Year off right as I will be spending the first week of 2017 in the Dominican Republic with my daugher. Im looking forward to peace and quiet and the warmth of the sun on my body, wouldn’t you just love to be the one warming my body????? lol you silly boy………