He stood next to the open car door waiting for the supreme mistress. She didn’t walk like most women as she had a sexy glide followed by the strength of a strong woman. She wore a silk top that showed protruding nipples. Her black pin striped pencil skirt hugged her curves and the seam of the back of her stockings were straight as an arrow. Her black high heels accentuated her sexy legs and one just couldn’t take a quick glance but were drawn in.

She was sexy but more than that she was a strong, self assured sexy woman. He reached out his hand and she took it as she bent down to enter the rear of the car. She sat down and slowly rotated her body to position her feet just so.

The delightful aroma of the molecule 1 perfume she wore lingered just outside of the car door. He didn’t want to lose that scent but he closed the door anyway and walked around the rear of the car to enter the other side and sit next to the  supreme mistress.

He had been her right hand man for many years and they had built a trust that was solid and protective. If she needed it, he got if for her, if she wanted it he surprised her with it and if she wanted to give a gift to someone special, he would see that it was purchased and wrapped in paper and ribbons of gold lame.

She was very generous but if you took advantage of her, lied to her, stole from her and tried to play her she would drop you so fast your head would spin. She had built a reputation that was solid and only once was she challenged by a mistress in training.

The stupid little twit tried to get the other mistresses in training as well as the seasoned to turn their back on the supreme mistress. Little did she know that the relationships built were solid and no one would ever turn on the supreme mistress.

Just as quickly as she had entered the world of a mistress in training she exited it. No one ever fucked with the supreme and surely not this little bitch. This little twit wanted to attend the week long event at Kumarakom Lake Resort and talked as if she had set up the getaway for all of the other bdsm players.

The twit would definitely be attending the event but not on her terms. She had crossed that very fine line of no return. The supreme mistress was not a physical person and she did not agree with inflicting unwanted pain on anyone. But she was also nobody’s fool and she would not let anyone stab her in the back.

The mistress in training would be used for the amusement of the mistresses that enjoyed inflicting huge amounts of pain on subbies. She would be dressed in a reversed spiked outfit and she would suffer like she had never before.

The supreme mistress had the mistress in training escorted to the private plane and treated like royalty. She was flown to India and delivered to the Kumarakom resort. The beauty was astounding and her room was beyond words.

She had three whole days to enjoy herself before the event took place and she was going to enjoy every minute of it. The supreme made sure that she was catered to and treated like royalty. Everything the supreme did was classy and unexpected.

Most thought that the supreme was going to destroy the mistress in training but that was not the case. The mistress was being built up and she had no idea that she was going to be humiliated, degraded and used for the pleasure of others.

The mistress in training actually thought that the supreme mistress had no idea that she was being torn down behind her back. Nothing got past the supreme and especially when someone thought they had a hands up on her.

She had spent the last 11 months planning this week as she did every year. Her events were beyond desirable and everyone waited with baited breath to receive that lovely invitation that just mesmerized the eyes.

The supreme mistress did everything with class and taste and nothing went unattended to or forgotten about. No one that received an invitation ever turned it down. Everyone attended from around the world.

The Kumarakom Lake Resort was hers to do with as she pleased for an entire week. Money was no object to her and the menu was tailored to each guests liking. The only request she ever turned down was foie gras because of the abuse the ducks would go through.

Everyone had custom made clothing for the event and all of the mistresses were absolutely lovely. The supreme mistress had a headdress of plumes, diamonds, emeralds, pearls  and the gold headband had garnet inlayed across the top.

Her leather outfit started around her neck with red leather that was attached to her bustier with a thin leather strap. Her breasts were accentuated with bronze makeup and  her outfit hugged her body like a glove. The bottom became one with her lovely ass and the thong just made her look more desirable.

Her leather boots were custom made and they had her initials in red flashing lights. She met with every single guest and they kissed her hand and each cheek as they thanked her for the invitation.

Her subbie stood by her side but one step back and as each guest spoke with his mistress he handed them a single box with their name embossed on the lid. Inside was the key to their private quarters. The higher ranking mistresses stayed in the suites while the mistresses in training stayed in single rooms.

Once settled in everyone met in the dining hall and found their place card and sat down. Some mistresses had their subs sitting on the floor and they would eat their dinner off of a gold plate on the floor.

The supreme mistress sat at the end of the table and she toasted to all of her guests. Everyone was served their meal and as her guests began to eat dinner she touched her head dress which had a button that contacted her subbie who was in charge of the entertainment for the evening.

There were dancers in various stage of dress or completely naked and as they gave a wonderful show the supreme mistress sat back with the smile of a cheshire  cat. She had a surprise for her guests and the little twit mistress in training would be taught a lesson she would never forget.

She was escorted to the middle of the floor and before she knew it she was standing naked and forced to bend over and had her wrists tied to her ankles with her chin on a small table which made her face the crowd.

She had a puzzled look on her face as she was literally in shock and had no idea what was going on. The supreme mistress stood up from the end of the table and walked over to the little twit.

She informed her that she was aware of what the mistress in training was trying to do behind her back. She slowly ran her hand with those long pointed fingernails across the cheek of her captured female.

She dug those nails in and droplets of blood sprang from the twits cheek. She turned to her guest and she invited anyone to come enjoy the fruit of the twit. Anything and everything was allowed and some of the mistresses were extremely abusive.

She had all new toys specifically for this week and she invited the most abusive mistress to enjoy herself. The mistress walked over and removed the whip which she cracked several times to get a feel for it.

She walked up to the twit and slapped her ass hard then stepped back and cracked the whip on her ass. The whip cut her skin and the blood sprang from her fresh wound. She whimpered like a puppy and the whip cracked again.

She begged for the whipping to stop and the mistress walked in front of the twit and faced her. She told the twit that she was not only foolish but stupid to ever cross the supreme mistress. The twit began to apologize over and over to no avail.

Several subbies were ordered to stand behind of the twit one oiled up her virgin asshole while the other slid on his condom. He placed his hands on her hips and the abusive mistress ordered him to pile drive the virgin ass.

He did as he was told and as she cried out while the other subbie shoved his hard cock into her mouth. The abuse continued and another abusive mistress introduced a german shepherd into the mix. 

As the dog mounted her the supreme mistress had her photographer taking photos. She was actually sickened my the use of the dog but she couldn’t allow the twit to try to tear her empire down and take over.

Once she reached the point that she couldn’t stomach any more of the evening she excused herself. Her guests were free to enjoy the resort and do what they liked and she was ready to retire for the night as she was exhausted.

Her subby removed her head dress, boots and her outfit, he helped her slide into bed naked. He loved how lovely her body was at her age but he would never make an advance towards her. He knew his place and hers and he would be happy with the relationship he had with her.

She ordered her subbie to go check on the twit and to be sure her wounds were taken care of. She also ordered her subbie to be sure that the twit was helped into her bed and offered some pain meds for the night.

She laid her head upon the feather pillow and let her eyelids gently close. Behind those eyes she began to dream about the week. Her last waking thought was the twit definitely learned a lesson.