He sat behind his mahogany desk signing documents with his Fulgor Nocturnus pen which was  decorated with 945 black diamonds and 123 rubies. The pen had been a gift from his wife and everyone that saw it admired it.

Like most men his age, his marriage was boring and totally uneventful. They slept in separate bedrooms because he didn’t want to wake her when he worked late. When they first met the sex was hot and exciting and they couldn’t get enough of each other mentally as well as physically.

He would work late and she would pick up carry out and show up unexpected late into the night. They would sit back and eat and drink wine while they chatted about the days events.

She never worried about him cheating because every  time she showed up late he was working. He was like so many other stupid men and ended up marrying her because of the great sex.

Over the years the sex waned and they ended up in separate bedrooms which gave him the perfect opportunity to get his dick wet elsewhere, which he did frequently. His personal assistant made sure he had his desires fulfilled.

All he had to do is give her that look and she knew she had to make arrangements with his regular. She came into the office late in the evening and she walked around his desk and kneeled down in front of him.

He never fucked her because he knew that she serviced so many other men. He enjoyed a blowjob and he got so turned on when she would point his penis towards her tits so he could shoot his wad on them.

She would get up and go into his private bathroom and clean herself up. She would walk past his desk and pick up the five, crisp one hundred dollar bills. He didnt look up or even say good bye to her as she exited his office.

His personal assistant’s last day was Friday and he would miss her terribly. She was more than an assistant, she was his confidant, friend, and so much more. He could talk to her about anything and he trusted her implicitly.

He had interviewed so many to fill her position and he was just tired of the same old same old. No one would ever compare to his current assistant and he wished that someone would walk through his door and impress him.

It was late and he left the office and headed to his Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita, which was one of three ever made. The exterior finish was coated with carbon fibers with a diamond dust-impregnated resin. Underneath the lustrous finish lies a 4.8-liter, dual-supercharged V8 with a total output of 1,004 horsepower and 797 pound-feet of torque.

Just like his beloved pen the car was also a gift from his wife for their anniversary. Of course, it was his bank account that paid for all of these luxuries just like most business men. His wife was content not doing much of anything with her life. For entertainment she started a clothing company which kept her busy.

She produced four sons for her husband but the hired help took care of her children and she paid attention to them when the feeling moved her. She didn’t cook or clean and flying around the world to shows exhibiting clothing was her past time.

She had lost interest in her husband as he did with her and they rarely spent more than a half hour in the same room on any given day. They not only had no sexual desire for each other they secretly couldn’t stand each other.

He went home and walked into his study pouring himself a scotch neat. Sitting back in his  vitra skape lowback chair with his eyes closed his mind traveled back to the last time he had his dick sucked.

His dick got rock hard and rubbing his cock through his suit made him even harder. He unzipped his trousers and let his hardness spring free and he began to stroke himself. It wouldn’t take long for him to cum and he grabbed several kleenex to catch his fluids.

Between the alcohol and the release he was tired and headed to bed. He sat on the side of his bed remembering earlier days when his wife was the light of his life and no other woman could turn his head.

Resting his head on his pillow his mind wondered to many years earlier when he was madly in love and happy. As he drifted off to sleep he could envision his lovely wife in her see through nighty.

He woke up and did his regular morning routine and headed out the door to his business. He had built a building to house his businesses and it was quite striking. He admired Frank Lloyd Wright and his building reflected it.

“The building had open planning  in a break from the traditional closed volume, and to achieve a fluidity of interior space by his frequent elimination of confining walls between rooms.He  worked out a new method, known as textile-block slab construction, consisting of double walls of precast concrete blocks tied together with steel reinforcing rods set into both the vertical and the horizontal joints.”

The building was awesome and water flowed freely in many places. The floor had a glass top creek running through it with many beautifully colored fish. It was like following the yellow brick road which lead directly to his office.

She entered the building and all eyes followed her. She was attractive and sexy and she had that something that one couldn’t put a name to. One could tell she was a no nonsense young lady and that she was on a mission.

She followed the creek which wound around the floor and lead directly to his office. She was there because a client had recommended her and that was the only reason. Trying to get a job for the “big man” was not only difficult but you had to have connections.

She introduced herself to the current assistant and she informed her boss that his next appointment had arrived. She was dressed in a business suit and her perfume smelled lovely and several employees followed in her wake to keep the aroma in their noses.

His current assistant opened his door and showed her in and closed the door behind her. She was feeling twinges of jealousy because she instantly knew that this young lady would be her replacement.

She walked into his office but he kept his eyes on the document in front of him. She reached his desk and stood there quietly until he finally acknowledged her. He had already looked over her resume and she did have all of the qualifications that he was looking for.

They chatted several minutes and he told her she had the position and she would start Monday morning. She knew she had the position before she had even entered his office and she would have him wound around her finger before long.

She knew the interview was over when he basically ignored her and continued signing his life away. She stood up and said she would see him Monday morning and she turned and walked towards the door.

He took a quick glance at her backside and his eyes were instantly drawn to the red sole shoes. He new the designer Christian Louboutin as he was a personal friend and his wifes closet was filled to the brim with shoes, especially red sole shoes.

He didnt think anymore about her other than he hoped she wasn’t a disappointment. He went through his uneventful day and headed towards home. His wife had left for India in their private jet and she planned on visiting their clothing business.

Her children had been raised by nanny’s and her oldest son was into movies, her second a soccer player, her third and fourth still in school. Her children had to make arrangements to see their mother, actually they almost had to make an appointment.

She started out life just like everyone else but her husband had turned into what many considered a God in his own right. As the money poured in she found her way around the world of the rich and famous.

She had lost her innocence and had become quite the bitch, she had lost that special feeling for her husband as he had her and it wouldn’t be long before a divorce would finally divide them.

He walked around his home with his standard glass of scotch and he looked at all the things money could buy. His home was a show piece but nothing more and he felt the pang of emptiness take over his heart.

He had several more scotch and he heated up the dinner that the cook had left for him. He was an excellent boss and so nice to his help. He insisted that they take leave of their position early Friday afternoon and enjoy the weekend with their families.

He met with several friends the next day and played golf all weekend. He actually looked forward to Monday morning so he could return to a life that afforded him respect and people clambered to meet with him which made him feel so important.

He went to work on Monday thinking about deals that would be closed that day. Walking past her desk, he barely paid any attention to her presence. The day slowly passed and he decided around 3 pm to have his new assistant send a letter.

She came in with an office iphone that recorded her bosses every word. He knew it sounded stupid but he liked to talk to a living, breathing person. She sat in front of his desk and recorded his verbal letter.

He had made sure that her chair was 10 feet from his desk as he preferred to respond to someone’s entire body and not just the bust. This first letter opened a door to many more letters and their relationship grew.

He had been sizing her up but little he know that she had already sized and measured him. She took stock of how he prepared his coffee, what he ate for lunch, his arrival and office departure times. She knew his favorite colors, colognes and his tailor.

He was comfortable with her and she knew he was attracted to her. She started by slowing wearing blouses that were low cut, she changed her perfume until he commented on the one he liked, her skirts clung to her hips and ass and she always had straight seemed stockings.

When he showed signs of stress in his shoulders, she offered to give him a massage which of course he accepted. She then decided to move up the stakes and when she was called to take a letter she would give him a shock.

As usual, she sat in the chair and recorded the letter. She uncrossed her legs and put them flat on the floor, spreading her knees so he had a nice view. He glanced up and was shocked to see blonde snatch.

No panties??? Wow he was turned on and choked trying to cover up his shock. He was so turned on by the view that he had to wrap up the letter, excuse her and go take care of his throbbing cock.

He went into his private bathroom undid his belt, button and unzipped his trousers and he began to stroke his cock. Slowly at first and then he quickened the pace which brought fourth one of the strongest orgasms he had ever experienced.

He cleaned up and closed his package and left the bathroom. He . picked up his Brooks Brothers raincoat and he headed out of the office. He told her he would be gone the rest of the day and she could leave when she had her work done.

His mind wrapped itself around a picture of her and how he would be fucking the little tease. He could see her bare ass spread waiting for his hard cock. He could feel the warmth of her and the tightness of her snatch.

The next day she had decided that she would make a move on her boss. When he called her in to take a letter she made moves that would blow his mind. She sat down and made sure not to cross her legs. She was giving him quite the view and he leaned over his desk and said to her ” I want to fuck you” and she said “I want to fuck you as well”.

He walked around the desk and pushed her into the desk while he hiked up her skirt. He ran his hand down the crack of her ass and into the wetness. He kissed the back of her neck and slowly got down on his knees.

He spread her legs and licked her asshole and moved to her clit. He fingered her pussy while he sucked on her clit and she cried out as the climax took over her body. She told him she wanted him to fuck her and she so wanted his hard cock.

He put the tip of his cock against her vagina opening and she begged him to fuck her. As he slowly entered her she told him to give her all of his cock and to fuck her hard and fast. He slammed his cock into her and her ass slammed against his lower abdomen making quite the smacking noise.

Both came with a thunderous orgasm and she lowered her skirt as she turned around. She faced her boss and thanked him for the stress reliever and she planned for them to  help each other out again.

His marriage was dead and having this young thing in his life gave him a kick and a lift in his step. He began to stay later and later at work and she would walk into his office when she felt like and she would drop to her knees.

He began to fall in love with her and he showed it by buying her whatever she desired. He gave her is credit card and she bought herself everything her heart desired. He even bought her a penthouse and he would visit her often.

When the wife was out of town he would spend those nights with her and he no longer felt any guilt what so ever. If his wife didnt want to please him then he would look elsewhere and that is exactly what he did.

She was so sexy and such a turn on he couldn’t keep his hands off her. She was always engaging in sexual delights like when she walked into his office, lifted her skirt to show him a clean shaven pussy.

She walked around the desk and unzipped his pants and ordered him to hold his hard cock while she sat on his lap. His hardness entering her and his hands on her hips fucking faster and faster.

Another time she came into the office and dropped her pen only to bend over and that allowed him to see her bare ass and snatch. She walked around the desk and took his hand and rubbed his fingers on her wetness. He played with her clit until she screamed out in pleasure.

Over time he no longer wished to see his wife or even speak with her and the time had come to file for a divorce. He followed through and the divorce went smoothly and he moved in with his little sweetheart.

Once a very open and loving woman she now had become quite possessive over time. He traded in a wife for a lover but didnt realize that the jealousy and insecurity would be part of her makeup.

He now realized he had made a huge mistake moving in with her and he now spent time trying to figure out how he could move out on his own. He didnt want to be owned and he wanted to explore other women without being bothered by his girlfriend.