My husband was a serious coffee drinker, he would drink several pots per day. I, on the other hand have always been a tea drinker. We would sit at the kitchen table and look out at the empty field as we chatted about non consequential subjects.

For the last six years I have sat at the same table with the same cup looking out at the same field. I went through five years of pure hell after he passed and not only have I been alone I have been ripped off numerous as well as being taken advantage of.

Last year began to break that cycle for me and things have been getting better. I am once again attempting to sell my home as well as my rv. I am so ready to have the financial burden of the properties off my shoulders.

I am looking at a serious downsize as I do not need 2800 sq. ft of living space that has two floors. I am no spring chicken so a small ranch will serve me well. I have never been one hard to please and fancy I can live without. I like nice things but I do not need gold toilets and sinks.

There are so many of us in this world, yes you I am talking to you, the person that has no partner or any companionship in your life. After being alone for the last six years I finally realized why I was alone.

The last six years has given me time to heal, grow, learn about myself, find myself and be myself. This is the year that I will meet the one that is to brighten my days and fill my nights.

Im quite comfortable being alone and enjoy my solitude for the most part. Yes, I do get lonely at times but that to passes. If you enjoy your own company then you can be more enjoyable to others.

I have learned so much since I became a widow and I understand how so many others feel. Losing a spouse is sandwiched between losing a child and losing a parent. I have lost a child, husband and both of my parents so I am well versed in death.

I have felt at times that giving up any hope to meet another man was all I had but I no longer feel that way. I will meet someone and yes we will mesh and yes life will be exciting once again. 

Yes, you will have the right person come into your life at the right time and not a minute before. We can not force anything, only wait for it to come to us. Sometimes, the road goes from smooth to bumpy to serious pot holes but in the end you will make it and you will be bestowed with happiness, just dont give up.