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Now retired, the billionaire sat back on his private plane scrolling as he usually did on one of the number of cellphones he had with him. No longer young and physically active in the sport that was well known around the globe, he made sure he was still in the limelight in the famous geriatric sport.

When an athlete can no longer contribute to their sport and they are forced to retire they do what their other constituents do, take up the game of golf. These men are A type personalities and so much testosterone dances around the golf course especially during a tournament.

He spent his weekends playing golf with the elite and he had built himself a par 5 which was respectable for an amateur. He had nothing but time and money and that combination afforded him the ability to hire one of the top golf instructors. After learning the game away from the crowd he was able to walk around like the male peacock that he was on  the courses others like himself frequented.

Little did he know that she sat in the far corner of the Brabazon Bar sipping on a scotch neat. She watched him intently and his mannerisms she had seen in several pictures and videos.

Yes, she was watching not only up close but afar as well. He thought himself so smart and smug as he played with her online. He pretended to be someone else and he refused to show himself on skype but he had no problem undressing from the waist down and positioning his cam to show his right side from the waist down.

Of course one knows that a penis that is not fully erect does not show its full glory and he hadn’t realized he was presenting himself with his sox on. He thought he saw shock and delight on her face but she was actually amused by his antics as well as his sox.

He contacted her about once a year and chat for three weeks and disappears for another year. He was such a fool because he refused himself the gift and pleasure of her company. He kept coming back to her because like a moth drawn to light he was literally controlled by her.

He constantly looked at her pictures, read her blog and pleasured himself as he played several of her pictures over and over until he squirted his cum into the kleenex. He adored her pictures especially the one that showed her using vibrators.

She wasn’t like anyone he had ever met and she so intrigued him he could never walk away no matter how hard he tried. She wasn’t vanilla in the least and he liked her independence and her sassiness.

He had tried several times to get up the nerve to meet her but he chickened out every time and left her hanging. For the longest time she thought he felt that she was to inferior for him.

Truth be known he wanted her so bad but he feared her rejection. He wanted to not only taste her but to get into her head. He wanted to know everything about her but he didnt want her to know shit about him.

Yes, she observed him from afar as if he were a bug she had never seen before. He was doing that “thing” he does when he is trying to form sentences that sounded intelligent. He would touch his overnight shadow on his chin as if he was protecting himself and he did this every time he talked to reporters.

She wasn’t impressed with him in the least and he could offer her every dime he had and she would walk away. His world was about money and her world was about happiness and he bought and paid for every one is life and that included his family.

She slipped her hand under the table and under her skirt where her fingers sought out that precious area of physical pleaure. She tuned her ears to the sound of laughter across the room. It was the “B’s” table as in billionaire that the laughter came from and as she watched the table, him exactly she stroked herself and brought herself to the edge numerous times.

She had another drink and she finally let herself have a full blown orgasm that rocked her world. Her drink was delivered and she sat back sipping it and giggling to herself. She thought to herself, “if he only knew he just gave me a hell of an orgasm”.

She finished her drink and she headed toward the exit and the closer she got to their table the better she could see his face. He had a bit of marinara sauce on his upper lip so she walked up to him and she wiped his upper lip with the hand that contained her own unique odor.

As she ran her finger across his lip she told him that he had marinara sauce on his upper lip. She removed her hand and headed out the door one could hear her high heels hitting the floor and echoing as she headed towards the elevator and just as she stepped into the elevator he ran up behind her.

She turned to look at him and their eyes locked like two bucks in rut locking horns. The chemistry was off the charts and he moved in and placed his lips softly on hers and their tongues found each other like magnets. Their hands roamed over each others body and she let her hand rest on his hard cock.

She squeezed his cock firmly and his hands roamed across her breasts seeking her illustrious nipples. Once he found his object of affection he gave her nipples a slight pinch which sent shock waves threw her body.

They tore at each others clothes and he stopped the elevator as he had her get on her knees he undid his belt and zipper and let his pants fall as he got on his knees in front her. They kissed with heavy passion and she began to suck his cock and he worked his way to her pleasure point.

It was fantastic 69 and they orgasmed simultaneously and he quickly recovered and his cock was rock hard once again. He turned her around and pulled himself up to mount her like the buck he was.

As he plunged into her she screamed out to him  ” fuck me honey, fuck me deep” and as she directed him he followed suit. She continued to talk dirty to him and he got so turned on he shot his wad without warning.

He slowly fell next to her and they cuddled as they burst out laughing. They got up and quickly dressed and he put the elevator back into motion. She pushed 9 and when they reached her floor he followed her.

He was not only arrogant he was narcissistic and he knew he was going to end up spending the night with her. She reached her apartment and he took her key and placed it in the door and pushed it open.

She walked in and quickly turned around telling him that she enjoyed the evening but this is where it ended. He grinned that sheepish grin he had that got him anything he wanted from the female sex. He asked her if he could stop by in the morning and have her kiss is balls for good luck and they both burst out laughing as she closed the door.