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He had stalked her online for literally years but life had made some cruel and unusual demands on him during that time, but things were finally evening out for him. He loved the single life but he had to admit he liked being in a relationship.

Relationships didnt always make sex available but more often than not he got his dick wet. He traveled extensively but he would chat with her whenever he could and he wanted nothing more than to fuck her.

He was so attracted to her and he thought he was so much smarter than she. He started to realize the Pisces moon woman was pretty true to form if you read about the pisces woman. 

He found himself afraid to meet her because she might just call him out on his antics. He had done some things out of jealousy and he felt foolish for being so immature. Every time he chatted with her he felt a little closer to her.

He was making changes in his life and he was going to finally allow himself to meet her. He thought she might respond to him again but then again she may have just had enough of him so this will be the last chance.

He finally accepted the fact that they were soulmates because no matter what they always seemed to reconnect, over and over. He would find himself daydreaming about her and in his minds eye he could see their first meeting.

He promised to meet her in Mexican town  and he wouldn’t stand her up even though he so wanted to out of fear. He believed in fate and he knew that it was time to meet this woman.

She entered the restaurant and asked for him by the name he had given her. The waiter led her to his table. She looked at him and with her sly smile as he stood up to greet her. She kissed him on each cheek and then she sat and he followed her move.

They enjoyed a nice mexican meal and they couldn’t get enough of each other. They talked about anything and everything and the chemistry was so electric that they would only be able to ignore it for so long.

They left the restaurant and they headed to the Casino in Greek Town and had coffee and cake. They so enjoyed each others company and both knew that they wanted each other. The evening was getting late so he walked her to her car and before she knew it he had her backed up to the car door.

He quickly put his knee between her legs and his tongue sought out hers as his arms surrounded her. This felt so right, so secure, so perfect. He wanted this woman so bad he could the pre cum dripping down the tip of his cock.

She was soaked and so wanted him to fuck her but she knew never to give up pussy on the first date. She placed her hands on his chest and pushed him away telling him that she had a great time but she was heading home alone.

He wasn’t going to give up, yes he was going to get that snatch and they might even enjoy each other enough to continue to see each other. The past hours they spent together gave him an eye opener about this woman. She was so much more than he would have anticipated and they would be tasting each other before long.