He found himself thinking about her constantly but to afraid of her rejection to go after her. He was glad for the distraction of the World Cup and this time of year was always electric and engaging.

He was always involved with the worlds most loved sport and his  hunger and desire to not only have his own hand picked team but to be the one that lead to win the world cup.

He had been offered a coaching position but it just wasn’t the right fit for him at this time. He had no idea what the future held for him but she had flashes of his future for him. She had warned him not to take that career path and he was smart enough to know she was quite psychic and would never steer him wrong.

The World Cup was always  full of media and parties of celebration and sometimes these parties got out of control. He got tired of the parties and the media and he just wanted to be left to his own devices without interruption.

He always received an invitation to the most prestigious events and like almost everyone of them he threw into the trash. As he tossed the stack of invites into the trash there was one that grabbed his eye. He picked it up and found himself drawn to this particular event.

It was not associated in any way with the sporting world and he found himself wanting to attend. He walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower and piece by piece he removed his clothing. He looked in the mirror and was happy with what he saw as he found a five o’clock to be quite stylish.

Between his tanned skin, thin frame and good looks he just couldn’t figure out why the woman he wanted was not impressed with him in least. He stepped into the shower with thoughts of her as the water cascaded over his head and down his body.

His cock had decided that it would get hard and demand attention every time he thought of her and today was no exception. He leaned back against the shower wall and he slowly stroked his cock as her vision flooded his mind.

He cupped his balls with one hand while the other hand was full of rock hard cock. He was having rapid fire visions of the woman in different sexual  positions and the very thought of fucking her on all fours turned him on. He couldn’t control his cock as he shot cum all over the wet, glass walls.

He had spent all of his morning energy on pleasuring his body but it was time to recharge and move on. He stepped out of the shower and dried himself off, dropping the towel and going into the main part of his room.

He went through his clothing finally deciding on a black pin stripe suit. It was custom made like all of his other clothing and he thought himself to be quite the dapper male. He got dressed, slipped his feet into his custom made shoes and walked back into the bathroom.

He picked up the bottle of mens cologne and put some in his hand and put it on his face and neck. He really liked this cologne as it always brought him compliments from women as well as men.

He examined himself in the mirror and talking to himself he said ” you are one sexy motherfucker  now arent you?” and he let out a little laugh as he turned and walked out. He grabbed his wallet off of the dresser as he headed out the door.

Walking out of the hotel into the world of Kazan he embraced the rich culture and history. He was one to enjoy learning about different cities and he appreciated what most living in the area took for granted.

He headed for the waiting car and the driver opened the door and waited for him to enter. Closing the door and heading to the opposite side of the car he thought to himself “what a lucky son of a bitch.”

He slid bd the steering wheel and a voice from the rear of the car told him to go to a certain address. He didnt speak unless spoken to and he was quite discreet and didnt run his mouth about the rich and famous that he drove for.

With his eyes closed and his head leaned back he let his fantasies run astray. He was so into his fantasy that he could imagine how good she tasted and smelled. He was going to conquer her one day but for now he would just have fantasies.

They pulled into the Kazan stadium which was the location of the event. The driver parked, got out and opened the door for his patron. They agreed that he would be called around 11:00 pm.

He entered the room and true to form there was champaign and much mingling going on. He felt out of sorts because not a single person approached him, like he was a nobody. This felt just like when he was ignored by players and he realized this group of  men just didnt have the respect for him.

Looking around, the room was filled with unknown faces which was actually good as well as bad. On one hand he didnt want to be bothered but on the other hand no one recognized him which bothered him.

He worked his way to the window and looked down on the stadium and the next thing he knew she was next to him, talking to him but he couldnt hear a word because he was so dazzled by her eyes.

She had penetrating eyes and he felt like she wasn’t just looking at him she was looking throug him and into  his soul. This woman oozed with sex appeal and he was so drawn to her he got caught up in the depth of her eyes.

She asked him the same question three times and she finally had to patted  him on the ass to get his attention. The pat brought him back to reality and he turned bright red in embarrassment. 

Finally able to speak he asked her questions about the event and she was easily forth coming as she was quite knowledgeable and that impressed him. She was very intelligent, sexy and well spoken and that made him want her even more.

It was to loud for them to hear each other and she asked him if he would like to go get coffee. She didnt drink coffee but it was an easy  way to get him all to herself. They walked out of the building laughing like two silly hyenas. 

Not far down the block was a coffee house and they slipped in and grabbed a corner booth. They chatted and both of them giddy with excitement as they felt the sexual tension between them.

His eyes fell on her lips as she spoke and his mind took him places that he shouldn’t be going to. He could see her on her knees with his cock in her mouth and his hands on her head. His cock was aching and he so wished he could just ask her to fuck him but he didnt think that would go over to well.

She ordered desert with her tea and she was impressed with how good it was. Berries in a cloud was the perfect desert and she asked him if he would like to share. He said no thank you and she said come on at least taste it. She brought the fork filled with the desert to his mouth  and teasingly she said open wide my sweetie.

She scooted closer to him and she slipped the fork into his partially opened mouth. She then took a bite herself and to his shock and delight she kissed him. She couldn’t help but to place her hand on his thigh and giving him that naughty smile she told him she wanted him.

For the longest time he was under the impression that she disliked him greatly but obviously he had been wrong. Slowly,  she moved her hand up and down the inside of his thigh.

This made him crazy and not being able to control himself he slid out of the booth and grabbed her by the hand. She wanted to play and he would be sure that he gave her exactly what she not only wanted but needed.

They headed back to the hotel and once inside the elevator he gently backed her up against the wall and kissing her with every ounce of passion he had. They started making out and groping at each other.

Finally reaching her floor they moved quickly towards her room. Taking the key from her hand and opening her room door she grabbed his hand and pulled him in. He had never met a woman with this much passion and sexual drive.

She closed and locked the door and pushed him up against the wall and took control. She kissed his neck and slowly peeled away his jacket, shirt pants and briefs. She undressed in front of him and using her stockings she tied his hands behind him.

She fondled his stiff cock and massaging his balls she kissed his neck and chest. She used her other stocking to blind fold him. Surprisingly, he trusted her and let her have her way. She worked her way down the length of his body until she reached her goal.

On her knees she asked him what he would like her to do and he told her “suck my cock until I cum.” She admired his manhood as she slowly licked the tip and then worked her tongue around the head and under side.

She worked his cock inch by inch until she had completely engulfed his hardness. The more she went up and down  the more he would moan in pleasure. She had him on the edge numerous times and she got such a thrill knowing she could control his cock.

She finally let him cum and she had him lie down face up on the bed. She tied each wrist to the corner of the bed and she started at his toes. Taking his second toe into her mouth his cock instantly got hard.

He was so turned on as he watched her and he wanted to fuck her so bad that he actually began to beg her to let him have her wetness. She was massaging his ankles and working her way up each leg.

She reached his cock and cradled him between her breasts which were so soft. She stroked him with her boobs and then she let her fingers dance across  his skin. She slid up his body and maneuvered his cock into her dripping pleasure point.

Slowly at first, she worked his cock into her and then quickening her pace. She so enjoyed the feel of him in her and he loved to be exactly where he was. She was overtaken by an unexpected orgasm.

She never had vaginal orgasms and it was a total delight to experience it. Falling to one side she put her hand on his chest while she caught her breath. She untied his wrists and before she knew it he had her on all fours and he was mounting her like the stud he was.

placing his hands on her hips he pulled her to him and he slammed into her over and over. She begged him to keep fucking her and he loved hearing her ask for his cock, no beg for it.

Finally, shooting his wad as she began to orgasm with him. It was such a turn on for both of these strong personalities to take control of each other sexually. Both of them spent, they spooned and chatted lightly until they fell into a peaceful slumber. Finally, they had found their soulmates and life could only get better from here.