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She stood between the romaine and organics thinking of nothing but the pain she received from her feet. She had foot problems for so many years and even her ankles swelled constantly.

No doctor could help her with her foot issues so she lived with the pain but there were days that the bottom of her feet were so tender she couldn’t stand without a tremendous amount of pain.

She was going to finish her shopping and then get a pedicure. Pedicures always relaxed her and she liked the bright red nail polish on her toes. Her foot hoe would come visit her later that day and he loved her feet.

He loved it when she wore shoes all day and her feet gave off an odor that made his dick hard. He loved the smell, taste softness of her feet and it was an honor for him to suck her toes.

She would allow him an hour of complete bliss and he so loved his time with her. He loved how she was so strong and a no nonsense dominatrix. From the second he entered her dungeon he was in a constant state of arousel.

She ordered him to remove his clothing, fold it neatly and place it on the grey leather chair. He stood in front of her with a partial erection which he knew was not allowed. She walked up to him and lightly let her fingers roam across his chest and down to his groin.

Using her index finger, she lightly tapped on his hard cock and gently let her finger go from the tip to down the side and across his balls. She whispered into his ear, “what a nice cock you have for a toe hoe”.

This made his cock expand to full length and girth and she stood back and watched with amusement. He was embarrassed and his beet red face told the story of the man. He loved being treated as if he were a servant and she always did an excellent job of role play.

She sat down and ordered him onto his knees in front of her. With her legs slightly apart he quickly glanced between her legs and was shocked at what he saw. She was not wearing panties which gave him a birds eye view of her lovely shaved pussy.

This woman was to much as he kept his vision to himself. A strong, confident woman that doesn’t wear panties was his type of treat. She knew he had caught a glance and she chuckled inside knowing she had caught him.

She ordered him to remove her shoes and standing up she ordered him to remove her stockings. This required him to to go up under her skirt and blindly seek the garters holding the stockings up.

Undoing them, he gently rolled down her stockings as she had taught him. Rolling them down kept them from unwanted snags and tears. He asked her to point her toes so the stockings wouldn’t get caught on a nail that was in need of filing.

She let him kiss and lick each toe and he gave each foot a toe bath. Each toe got licked and sucked on and he had purchased some excellent skin cream for her feet. He massaged her feet and ankles and she so enjoyed the feeling.

She worked her way onto the floor and in a sitting position she ordered him to put some cream on his cock. This was the most exciting part of their session besides seeing her bare pussy.

She placed her feet on either side of his cock and stroked him slowly adding pressure as her feet  went up and down his shaft. She started out slowly but quickened her pace and before he knew it he had shot his load.

This woman had a kinky side that was adorable but she didnt see a thing kinky about her life. She was one of those people that lived and let live as long as you didnt harm anyone she didnt give a shit what anyone did.

She had always felt comfortable in her own skin no matter if she was thin or thick. There were so many men that got turned on by her. They obviously appreciated an older woman and they told her so.

She was a strong women mentally as well as physically  and her children were always surprised to see her do things men usually did. She didnt have muscles like so many younger women but she had that “think young” attitude.

So there he was spent and completely drained and he loved every minute of it. She stood up and walked into the restroom getting a wet wash cloth. She came back and sat on the ottoman ordering him to move close to her.

She cleaned him up with gentleness and he really appreciated her taking the time to wipe away his orgasm evidence. She then ordered him to dress and told him that  she would walk  him out, which she did and she gave him a warm and friendly hug goodbye.