It all made sense now why she rarely answered his calls, ignored his texts and hadn’t visited him. He had spent thousands of hours thinking about her and his heart didnt want to accept what his head already knew.

He turned over and looked at the curtain as he put piece by piece of  a very unattractive picture together. She was selfish, greedy, a liar, a thief of hearts and basically a heartless bitch that could go fuck herself with a red hot poker.

He had all morning and afternoon to think about the cunt and yes she was a cunt. His only desire was to have the day pass quickly so the night shift would clock in. He tossed and turned all day, read the paper, watched the news and was bored as fuck.

He requested a sleeping pill from the afternoon nurse and that helped him sleep away the rest of the afternoon. She entered the ward with the tray of meds and she passed them out at quickly as she could. Returning to the ward he was on, she quickly headed to his bed.

She pulled the curtain back and there he was in all of his glory. Lying on his side, he shifted position and laid on his back. In the midst of getting comfortable the sheet slid off of his naked body.

She couldn’t help but admire him from head to knees. His chest was full and he had a six pack that screamed for her touch. His cock was at half mass and she so wanted to ride him. They are crossed the barrier of nurse/patient but neither cared and they both wanted to be with each other.

They had a mental connection and a physical connection as well. She new that she was alone on the ward and she felt secure enough to remove her clothing. Standing naked before him, she stroked her tender bud as she looked at his cock.

Desiring him was all she thought about so she gingerly climbed on top of him. She stroked his cock and when he began to get further aroused she touched his face delicately with one hand.

He could feel the warmth of her crotch just above her lower abdomen.the touch of her hand made him open his eyes. Slowly he touched her hand and touched her face as well. There connection was electrifying and both felt like they were one with the other.

She leaned over and kissed him and whispered into his ear dear Im going to fuck you like youve never been fucked before. She told him that she admired his cock and she wanted his cock inside of her, all of him.

Moving his cock into position she slowly moved up and down and back and fourth, this excited him so much he couldnt help but shoot his wad inside of her. She made sex fun again and he felt like a man again, if only for a little while.

She stifled out her cries that came with an orgasm and he played with her nipples as she dug her nails into his sides. They laid together over an hour and she listened him talk about the soldiers he had become very good friends with.

He told her about his fiance and she got so pissed at how he had been treated by her. He was a good man, a loving man , a caring man and anyone that didnt want to be with him because he was an amputee was a total idiot.

She could tell instantly that he had so much to offer not only to offer friends and family but any future woman that would enter his life. Her compassion was fresh and always welcome just as her hands roaming his body.

They kissed until both of them were so excited they couldn’t help themselves. She knew it would be painful for him to move so she took the helm. She pulled back the covers and positioned her crotch right above his face as she stroked his cock and balls.

Lowering for him to lick and suck her clit she took his hardness into his mouth. Stroking his cock as she messaged his balls she worked up and down on his cock like a pro. She was very good sexually and she excited him so much that she was unencumbered by the clothing or sheets and blankets.

He sucked and licked and fingered her pussy until his cock was ready to explode. He had her turn around quickly and sit on his member. they moved in unison and both had rock solid orgasms.

She kissed him and thanked him for another wonderful evening and she promised to stop by when she was finished handing out medications.