As the hours turned into days and days into weeks and weeks into months they had grown quite close. They had quite the active sex life and it was always so exciting for both of them.

He had fallen in love, yes he was in love with this woman and even though they never shared the words, she loved him as well. She watched him transform his mind and body from a weak, ill man to a man of steel.

His biceps were bulging and the rest of his arms and shoulders were pure muscle. He had started lifting weights after she tore into his ass one night. He was feeling sorry for himself and she made it clear there was no room in her life for someone that hovered over the self pity pit.

From that day forward he lifted weights daily and he was extremely strong, at least his upper body strength was admirable. Even though it would take at least a year before his stumps  fully shrunk he was not going to let himself become flabby.

She had finished with her other patients and she stopped by to see him. She heard his heavy grunts as he used the board from his bed to his chair. He had to learn to move along the board to get him to his chair. He was a quick learner and he mastered the board quickly but he still had to deal with PSPD.

As he positioned his naked body from the bed to the board, she peeked between the curtains. She admired him for his brain and his body and she always got so damn wet when she saw him.

She quietly walked between the curtains and she placed her hands on his shoulders from behind. He got an instant hard on when he felt her touch and she walked around the chair and board.

She stood before him and she removed her clothing piece by piece. She removed her push up bra and undid her garters from her stockings and she turned around, bent over and removed her stockings.

He loved her ass and the thought that she would go to such a length to excite him made it even more exciting. She slowly removed the fabric of her panties from one hip and then the other.

She was doing a slow, romantic, sexy dance that was amazing to watch. He thought about his girlfriend and how she didnt even want the lights on when they had sex. He once thought he was making love but now knew the difference.

The woman standing before him was so much he couldn’t put it into words. He admired her for her intelligence, wit, sarcasm, sweet, kind, lovable self that she was. The board he sat on was angled from bed to chair which placed his face directly across from her ass.

He placed his hands on her hips and pulled her close to him. He kissed her ass and spread her cheeks and he licked, kissed and sucked on her clit. Her personal fragrance was intoxicating and he could sit there all day entertaining her vag.

She reached through her legs and began to stroke his hardness while he sucked on her. She quickened her pace and she could feel pre ejaculation escaping from the head of his cock.  She began to orgasm and stifling her out cries of joy was quite difficult.

She finished her orgasm and turned round quickly and dropped to her knees. She wrapped her hand around his cock and stroked him as she took him into her mouth. Slowly moving his cock in and out and up and down made him shoot his wad.

She licked his cock clean and she got up and kissed his neck. She loved this man but was so fearful of getting hurt that she wasnt able to tell him. It became quite clear for both of them how each other felt and they communicated so easily telepathically.

They couldn’t keep their hands off of each other and he was already hard as a rock again. She moved slowly but methodically and before she knew it she was sitting on him with each leg on either side of him.

She could feel his cock rubbing against her leg and she positioned herself so she had him inside of her. She moved back and forth as they kissed and his hands searched out her nipples. Caressing her breasts as he teased her nipples while they rocked back and forth brought on strong orgasms for both.

Their relationship was special, not like any that they had had before. They had mutual respect for each other and both being Sapiosexuals made a world of difference. Sex wasn’t just sex it was a deeper, extremely intimate act that brought these two people together in the most extraordinary way.

Both were spiritual and deeply connected to their roots and this was part of the reason they were drawn to each other. They had many similar likes and dislikes and they were passionate about life. They both knew that they were destined to be together because neither could ever turn and walk away as they knew they were to be one.