No one can know what fears that criss cross in a soldiers mind. No one can know the pain that festers inside the wounded hearts. No one can ever feel so much pain and emptiness as a soldier.

He tried to deal with the evil of war but the truth be known he couldn’t do it alone. He feared the dark of the night as he was unable to sleep without being attacked or so he was in his dreams.

She was patient and loving and understood more than he would give her credit for. She wasn’t turned off by his loss of lower limbs and she wasnt turned off by him when he cried or screamed out.

She had a sixth sense and she knew how to look beyond the obvious. She was the first woman he had ever had in his life. She was a woman unlike any other and she filled his heart.

She saw threw him and when she looked at him she saw what so many others were blind to. She was sexy as hell and she always made him laugh with her silly antics or actions.

He laughed until he cried when she told him she would rather fuck his prosthetic then his sorry ass.  She was a no holds barred type of woman and he enjoyed every minute of their banter.

It had finally come, the time for him to re-enter the world once again. He had no place to call home and no family members walked the earth any longer. He had a worker that helped find him file for his VA benefits and find a small apartment.

He talked about how the government was fucked up and refused to pay for cannabis for soldiers because it was against federal law. He had smoked weed every day when he was at war. The marijuana helped him so much with his post traumatic stress disorder and he was able to function on all cylinders.

She didnt want to seem forward but she didnt want him left alone in a flat over looking some dingy alley way. She asked him to move in with her because she needed help around her house.

He felt useless and she knew it but she also had learned that he was raised on a farm and learned how to grow a garden, slaughter pigs, cows and chickens and he knew how to do woodwork. She knew he would be an asset to her life just as she was to his.

He finally agreed to move in with her but only if he had his own room. He needed a place just for him to get away and to think. She had agreed and made up the extra room just for him.

She was kinky and proud of it as she put the eye bolts in the ceiling of her bedroom. She hung the swing and adjusted it so both of them were at the same height. She loved sex and the thought of hanging spread eagled for him made her wet.

She packed up his things at the hospital and he said his goodbyes to the other nurses and doctors. She put the board on the bed and on the wheelchair and he skooted across the board to his chair.

He was learning to walk with his prosthetics but he wasn’t good enough yet to walk more than a few steps. He was doing fantastic mentally as well as physically and she helped him into the car, packed up his chair and put it in the trunk.

She took him to her favorite restaurant and they had a lovely dinner. He really enjoyed the food because hospital food sucked big time. They chatted about nothing serious and she placed her hand on his leg.

Giving his leg a little squeeze she looked him in the eyes and told him she was going to suck his cock right there. He laughed and didnt believe a word she had said until she started rubbing his cock through his trousers.

She enjoyed the feel of his hardness and she could only imagine how good they would fit together using her sex swing. She undid his belt and pants and slid the zipper all the way down.

His cock loved the freedom as it did that little bounce when he got excited. He was so turned on he didnt know if he could keep from exploding. She stroked his cock with one hand and with the other she ran her finger down the side of his jaw line.

They had already had several glasses of wine and both were feeling quite relaxed. Her lips glided across his cheek and she whispered into his ear. “My sweetheart, my love I am going to wrap my lips around your cock and blow you away, lol”

She looked around and no one was paying them any attention and that is when she moved her hand on his thigh. Slowly running her hand up and down his leg made him crazy with desire.

He couldn’t help but put his hand on her thigh and slowly worked his way under her dress. Finding themselves more than amused both of them reached for the “stars’. Finding her moist, no wet pussy was a victory to him.

He stroked her clit and fingered her wetness and she stroked his cock and teased the head. They were so turned on they had forgotten that they had ordered desert and it sat in front of them begging to be eaten.

She picked up a fork and poked it into the triple chocolate truffle cake serenaded by pure vanilla bean ice cream. She brought it to her lips and let the chocolate masterpiece mingle with her lips.

As soon as she placed the cake on her tongue she slowly closed her eyes and leaned back. This was just plain hog heaven with a nice hard cock in one hand and a chocolate wonder in her other hand.

She continued to stroke his cock and she took the fork with cake and placed it to his lips. He slowly and seductively licked the chocolate icing as he fingered her lovely vagina. He took a bite of the desert and he said loud and clear with his eyes and his hand that he wanted to fuck.

Like two silly ass teenagers, they laughed and giggled like kids and at the same time both of them got up. She surprised him by insisting on paying the bill. Once outside she pushed him up against the wall and kissed him deeply.

The passion oozed from their pores and they french kissed like no one had ever kissed either of them. She removed her heels because she didnt care if her stockings got runs in them. The only distraction she was experiencing was how her feet hurt her and she had to get her heels off.

Now that her feet could breathe and no longer in pain she wrapped her leg around his and pulled him close. She gave his cock a hug with her hand and they both headed towards the car.

He had happened to park under a street light that wasnt working and both of them new that they had to take advantage of the night. They slid into the car and both of them couldn’t control their hands as they removed each others clothing.

He pushed her back into her seat and he pulled up her dress and buried his face into her crotch. Moving the cloth from her crotch to one side he began to lick and suck on her tender clit.

He was a fantastic lover and being an amputee did not hinder him one bit. She ran her fingers through his hair and grabbed a handful as she began to orgasm. He brought to one orgasm then another then another.

She had never had multiple orgasms and her world was totally rocked. She was literally exhausted and she took his face in her hands and kissed him slowly and romantically. She apologized for not reciprocating and she told him so as he had captured every ounce of her energy.

He kissed her gently and they headed home to drink some wine and cuddle next to the fireplace. He couldn’t wait to get her home and bury his cock deep into her wetness. His cock throbbed all the way home and the anticipation was unbearable.