Most women have a sixth sense but I not only have a sixth sense I have a deeper connection with others. I get these thoughts that come to me out of no where and its as if I am to be other peoples savior in a way.

Every once in a while something will come to me and I will tell the person and they think Im wacko until the shit comes true, then I become spooky. I seem to know so many things that I really do not need to know.

When you are psychic people get fearful of you like you are some rare disease.  I didn’t ask to be psychic and all I can do is share information as it comes to me.  I am a pathway from somewhere unknown to the person that it affects.

I have been very concerned about this one person for a very  long time and as he comes and goes in my life I have these “feelings” come to me regarding him being stabbed in the back by someone in his immediate circle.

Who ever this person is there is a tremendous amount of jealousy and envy and this person has a big smile when face to face but carries a big dagger and this person will use it. I have told him to watch himself and the company he keeps and hopefully he will be able to benefit from my gift.

I know I am different than other people and I have known this my entire life. I wasn’t one to go with the flow instead I marched to the beat of my own drum.  I have always been a loner to a certain extent and very emotional.

My emotions can take me over at times and my passion has been infectious. People are drawn to me for various reasons but I do believe the main reason is because I am real in every sense of the word.

I can be brutally honest, extremely caring and concerned about others, funny at times as well as being smart and easy on the eyes. I am independent and guard my heart because people just like to hurt you for no reason.

I can tell you that I am enjoying the current “mating dance” that I am involved in. He is serious alpha male and me being a strong female, well lets just say strange bed fellows are we. 

We have this undieing  attraction that has grown over time and no matter how hard I try to fight it I just cannot shut him out completely. Im so attracted to him but so afraid that he will have no regard for my heart.

Im not head over heels for him but I’ve let him in and only him since my husband passed away in 2011.  I just havent found a male that was that interesting to me and yes I am aware that sounds like I am full of myself.

I need a strong personality because weak men turn me off, I really cannot stand a submissive male and to be honest when I was a domme I got sick of dealing with submissive males.

It got so bad that my appointments were named by the bill due that week such as my 2 pm is the gas bill, the 4pm appointment is the grocery bill and so on. I have a shitload of bdsm toys and clothing and I really need to get rid of it.

Back to the regular scheduled program lol,  there is also the connection between earth and heaven. The morning I woke up in a panic running to my grandmother’s bedroom knowing something bad had occurred.

She locked her door every night and my hands shook so bad I could barely unlock her door. As soon as I opened it and saw her lying there I knew she had died sometime during the night. 

Later in the morning when I was waiting for the black wagon to come pick up her body the strangest thing happened.  I was standing at the kitchen window looking at my grandmothers african violets sitting on the window ledge.

All of a sudden I hear the coffee pot start itself. Now thats not odd unless the coffee pot timer hadnt worked in months.  That is what happened the coffee pot made a fresh pot at exactly 9 am even though the timer died months prior.

I would think about my grandmother daily for the longest time as she was my everything. She kept me grounded and taught me so much about life and caring for a family.

One of the greatest things in life is being able to help your family and when you do not have any living family then you realize the importance of the ones you loved. I’ve had contact from several family members so I guess that makes me a strange bird x 2. 

The cool thing is I am at total peach with myself and accept that I am an odd duck and different than most. I just have to remind myself whomever I end up sharing my  life with will be very happy and appreciate me, the odd duck.