It truly had been a glorious day that made him smile which he seemed to be doing quite a bit of lately. It was nice lieing in front of the fireplace with wine and nothing on but their smiles.

She was truly the most understanding person he had ever met and he fell victim to falling for her. He ran his fingers through her hair as he thought of how good she was going to taste as he loved manger une chatte.

She smelled wonderful and he couldn’t help but to snuggle up to her.  He touched her cheek lightly with his lips and kissed over to her mouth. His tongue gently parted her lips and he kissed her deep and with all the passion he had held back for so long.

He gently pushed her onto her back and let his hands roam as they continued to kiss. His fingers found her nipples erect and obviously excited. His touch made her wet and she sought out his hard cock.

She stroked his cock as he teased her clit and fingered her wetness. She was so horny she was ready to explode and she so enjoyed his touch. She wanted more of him so she lifted her thigh and placed it over his side.

He was able to tease her and maneuver her into a position that allowed him to bury his face into her lovely wetness. His tongue teased her clit and his finger pretended it was a mighty cock as he fingered her.

He used his lips to gently bite down on her labia which sent a shock wave through her body. He licked, tugged and sucked on her until her moans became loud and her hips moved up off of the ground.

This orgasm was one of a kind as she had never experienced multiple orgasms which is what she was he was giving her. There desire for each other was rare and  exciting and they so enjoyed each other on so many levels.

She couldn’t control  her body as it racked up one orgasm after another. Finally exhausted her body gave her a reprieve and she was able to breathe slowly once again. He slid up her body between her legs and he kissed his way up her body. There lips joined once again and again they couldn’t help but kiss passionately.

It was now his turn to be pushed on his back and taken advantage of him. She pushed him back and quietly whispered to him that she was going to ravage his body. She looked him in the eyes and told him she wanted his cock.

This so turned him on as being talked dirty to always made his dick hard. He had been with some pretty fantastic women until he got into their pants. There was nothing sexual about most of the women and nothing but a quick release for him.

She bit his bottom lip and nippled on his neck as she roamed his body with her hands and let her lips taste him from lips to balls. She had a handful of balls and squeezed gently as she kissed his chest.

Massaging his cock as she kissed and licked his chest as she headed towards the head of his full erect manhood. Sex was more than a physical act for her, in her mind it brought two people as close together as two people could get.

Sex was intimate, revealing and being open to new experiences, tastes and sounds.  She loved his body and the loss of limbs actually made sex easier for her in many ways. She was thrilled that he was such a great kisser, super romantic and was great at fucking.

She slid between his legs and let his cock rest in the crevice of her breasts. She pushed her boobs together and rubbed his cock between them. This was so exciting to his cock and he really enjoyed himself.

She moved slowly down his abdomen and flicked the tip of his cock with her tongue. She knew her way around the cock and knowing the underside of the head was the sensitive area.

She took the head into her mouth and ran her tongue around the underside as she began to take him deeper into her mouth. She wrapped her hand around his cock and stroked him as her mouth went up and down.

She could feel his balls pull upward and that was definitely a sign that he was ready to shoot his wad. She worked her lips up and down and applied pressure which made him crazy.

She could feel him on the verge of cumming and she slipped him out of her mouth and slid his cock between her breasts. She boob stroked his throbbing member and he shot his wad all over her tits.

There was something so sexy and hot about shooting his cum on her and it made him just want to fuck the shit out of her again. He pulled her up to his face and kissed her as they rolled over and changed position.

He flipped her over and pulled her up on all fours as he positioned his cock at the entrance of her vagina. He plunged into her and with each plunge he went deeper and deeper. He couldn’t hold back and the third stroke was all it took to shoot again.

They were sexually exhausted and ended up curling up together and they talked of how great the sex had just been. Little did he know she had installed a sex swing and had plans for him, o yes she had plans for him and what was yet to come.