He had been with his share of women but none of them made him feel like the mistress did. He came to see her and she respected him enough to fulfill his fantasies and he enjoyed his time with her immensely.

He entered her dungeon and she ordered him to put his things on the chair next to the bose radio. She enjoyed music and she always had trance music playing when he saw her. She would turn down the volume as she walked passed the radio and headed towards him to place the handcuffs on each of his wrists.

She hooked his handcuffs together and then hooked them onto the eye hook in the ceiling. She ran a rope through the cuffs and down his back and up his crotch then she pulled the rope through the eye hooks in the ceiling and pulled.

As she pulled on the rope he was forced to stand on his tip toes. There he was with his balls and cock all tied up and no where to go. His calves began to ache from standing on his toes but the pain was inevitable.

He enjoyed pain and he enjoyed receiving pain from her and she was such a pretty woman for her age he so wanted to fuck her.  He had hoped that one of his visits would lead him to be in bed with her.

He was only 27 but he just wanted to have one hour with her thats all just one hour. He wanted to suck on her clit and play with her nipples and plunge his cock into her. He so wanted to bring her to orgasm after orgasm.

He wanted to mount her and fuck her like she had never been fucked. He wanted to bury his cock in her as he leaned over and played with her nipples. He knew it  wouldn’t  take long and she was going to be saying his name over and over. She would beg him to keep fucking her and hearing her cry out would make  his cock hard and throbbing.

Yes, the fantasies that danced in his mind turned him on and he couldn’t wait for her to use the “hummingbird” on his throbbing cock. He wanted to release a load of cum and he couldn’t hold back much longer.

The hummingbird was so fucking awesome as it is slipped over the cock and was vibrated by the top of the line vibrator. It is such an awesome feeling that takes you fro 0 to 1000 in literally seconds. Before you know you your cock is spitting like a snake and your body goes limp.

This woman was sexy, everything about her was over the top sexy. It didnt matter if she was wearing jeans or nothing at all she was fucking sexy. She was one of those women that was very attractive without makeup and when she did wear it, she wore a very small amount.

On this day she was wearing a slight bit of blush, pink lipstick and her eyes were outlined in black eyeliner and mascara. She was just stunning for her age and he so wanted to please her sexually.

He wasn’t even aware of the pain in his calves and toes as he hung there dreaming about her. He could feel his cock slipping into her wet, warm mouth and he could feel her apply pressure to his cock with her lips. He could actually feel her stroking his cock as she went up and down his shaft.

She could tell he was getting ready to cum and she would stop all action. She did this over and over until he literally had blue balls.  He asked her kindly to let him release but she just laughed at him.  She teased his cock in numerous ways and he couldn’t help but get hard when she touched him.

Shibari was one of her specialties and tieing him up like a beef roast was going to be fun.  She place a single column rope tie on each wrist and tied the rope to the hooks on either side of him. She did the same with each ankle as well.

His cock throbbed terribly and the rope play would only make it worse. He knew what would come next and the feather / finger tip play across his body was so damn erotic and her light touch made him think of naughty things.

He so wanted to get into queening but he knew that this mistress didn’t play that way. She was attractive, sarcastic, warm, caring, intelligent, kinky, rock solid and independent.

A rare woman indeed and so damn alluring one couldn’t help but be magnetically drawn to her. Her smile reached her eyes as  did her kinky thoughts and she knew how powerful she really us.

Her fingers fluttered across his back and down towards his ass and the gentle touch turned into quite the smack on the ass. Her slap stung like a bitch but he so wanted to feel it again and again.

She moved her hands to his hips as she stepped close to him and whispered in his ear. She said ” you’re my bitch to be treated as a bitch should be and you will serve me well my bitch”.

She was so close he could feel her breath right behind his right ear. She gently kissed his ear lobe and she ran her tongue over his ear lobe. He was literally shocked that she was being so physically erotic with him.

Her hands worked their way across his chest and she laid the palms of her hands on his upper chest. She had the music playing low and the lowly lit room was the perfect setting for love making, which he knew would never happen with this mistress, no way, no how not with her.

She dropped her hands and stepped back and she then wrapped her arms around his waste and she moved her body up next to his. He almost had a heart attack when he realized she was naked and he could feel her breasts pushing up against his back.

She then walked around to face him and she moved her face up to his and bit his lip with that sensual, mildly painful kind of lip flirtation.  She then kissed him, a deep, throaty kiss that makes you so fucking hard you cant wait to bury your cock into a warm, wet place.

She untied his wrists and ordered him to sit down on the floor and as he did so she pushed him down with her foot.  She then walked on him from the groin up to his chest and she squatted.

He could see her lovely clit and her womanly aroma was pleasant like fresh croissants and strawberry curd and he so wished he could eat that pussy. Before he knew it she had positioned herself over his mouth and lowered herself just above his lips.

She told him “my little bitch you are to lick me to orgasm and you better do it damn quick”. He did as he was told and he kept licking and sucking on her until she burst out into the language of what can only be described as someone experiencing an orgasm.

She finished her explosive orgasm and just as politely as she sat down she got up and removed herself. She untied him and ordered him to get dressed, which he did as he was told.  She then ordered him to  tip her another $150.00 for the pleasure he had given her as it was a privilege not a right to touch her.

She walked him to the door and bid him fair well and to be safe until their next meeting. He could only afford to be in the presence of the mistress once a month and he so wished he could be with her every day, but alas one can only dream.