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She glided to the door like the fucking queen that she was. Opening the door, she headed to the other side of the room to her closet. Entering the closet was an adventure in itself like going to an amusement park.

One wall was filled with an assortment of shoes in different colors and styles. She wore a size 12 1/2 shoe and from a distance they reminded her of little boats. On the other wall were her dresses, pant suits, single blouses and trousers. Everything had been separated into colors and cross referenced with other blouses, trousers and skirts.

Another door hid her deepest darkest secrets and she couldn’t help but get hard thinking about the feel of silk stockings up against her cock. She secretly had a pair of silk stockings in her drawer next to her bed and another pair in her office desk.

Leaning against the wall she closed her eyes as she began to rub her cock. Wanting a more comfortable position she slowly slid down the wall and let her knees bend as she sat firmly on her ass. She was able to slip her hand down her pants and she stroked her cock.

Needing more space she undid the zipper and button and open up the front of her trousers. Her swollen member cried for attention and her cock turned a bulbous purple as she stroked herself to the edge and stopped.

She so loved edging and when she finally let herself cum she had ean xplosive orgasm. After her “fun run” she got up and went to the wall with the Monet mounted upon it. To look at it one would never guess that there was a secret room behind it.

She walked up to the wall and hidden into the woodwork was a button that made the door open. Behind the door was an array of wigs in different colors, lengths and cuts and everything a cross dresser could ever want.

She had the best make up, perfumes, jewelry, boobs and vagina that a true crosser dresser would be envious of. She looked like a real woman and no one ever knew that she was a man hidden under “arts and crafts”.

She had dated many men and the fake boobs and vagina made them think they had a beautiful woman to bury their cock into.  She liked giving blow jobs and anal sex was a joy for both her and her date.

So many men loved anal sex because the ass is so tight on their cocks and the tightness made them cum so quickly. She didnt have anal sex often because she knew doing so would stretch his asshole and it would no longer give the desired pressure. 

She was really good at sucking cock, as a man she knew what she liked and she was able to pass that on through her own experienced hand and mouth. She enjoyed the ability to date men and women and having sex with them became a subject she enjoyed exploring.

She kept a diary of her relationships and she compared men and women in every way. She found women to be better kissers for the most part and all men liked to suck on nipples. Surprisingly, many women didnt like to receive or to give oral sex. 

She was shocked to find out how many women she had been with had never experienced an orgasm.  She made it her quest to give every woman she was sexually active with an orgasm. She would never break off a relationship until her mate had experienced. When they did finally cum it was hard as hell to dump them.

When a woman has her first orgasm she is like white on rice as wanting it regularly.  There was something about how excited a woman got when experiencing the first orgasm. One woman she had been with actually lifted her ass off the bed and her body looked like a plank.

She didnt want to leave the bed as she wanted him to give her more orgasm. She tried like hell to make the relationships work and hopefully taking a woman to a place she had never been would make the relationship totally desirable.

Unfortunately, to her sex was just that sex and she wanted more. She wanted more than several seconds of ecstasy. She wanted that deep soul connection two people reach when they are perfect for each other.

She believed in soul mates and she knew without a doubt that there is that soulmate for everyone. She had known other people who were perfect for each other in every way and that was the soulmate connection he sought.

She picked out items she was going to wear that evening and that included everything that made him appear to be female. She had held onto one relationship strictly for the sex and she was able to be herself totally. She allowed him to try all of his kinky wants and on this particular evening there was to be a threesome.

She had gotten a pedi and mani as well as having her makeup applied professionally. Her wigs had been coifed and her clothing was sexy as hell. She wore a corset, panties, stockings and garter belt, with pink being the dominant color.

She slipped her foot into one stocking working it up her thigh to the garter. Hooking the garter to the stocking she quickly reached for the other stocking and did the same.  She picked up her corset and put it on and she admired herself in the full length mirror.

She was totally clean shaven from her face to her toes and not a single hair existed on her chest or crotch areas. She stepped into her skirt, zipped it up the side and she slipped her feet into her high heels.

She put in her two and 1/2  carat diamond earrings and her 20 carat diamond necklace and bracelet.  To her jewelry was much needed to pull an ensemble together and her wig was the final piece of her transformation.

She spritz herself with Christian Clive No.1  perfume which wassubtle scents of Indian jasmine and Tahitian vanilla. Tonka bean seeds, sandalwood, cedar wood, musk all together add a touch of delicacy and accuracy. Six months are needed to crystallize the ingredients and then finally get the spice.

She gave herself a once over before leaving her penthouse and she headed towards her Koenigsegg Agera which was parked at the far end of the penthouse property. She got into the car and the platform the car sat on rotated to face the exit.

She sat back and reapplied her lipstick while she waited for the platform to take her to street level.  She pushed the button on the remote and and both the inside and outside door opened.

She hid the gas and away she went flying down the street as if she didnt have a care in the world. She was starting to get hard thinking about the coming events of the evening and she so wanted to get kinky.

She sachet into the lounge and headed toward the table with her partner waiting anxiously. She could tell that both of them were overly anxious for the evening to begin but they needed to solidify their plans.

They had agreed on a muscular bisexual male that was in his mid thirties. He was very attractive and he was intelligent as well. Both of them were so excited and they sat down and planned out the evening ahead of them.

They would start with drinks, dinner and go back to her place for the evenings events.  He showed up on time which was appreciated by both of them and they sat in a lowly lit corner of the bar and they started with shots of Russian Standard. Platinum vodka.

It was a rich, well rounded vodka that was smooth going down and made an immediate u-turn to the brain. They shared bruschetta and oysters on the half shell and a salad that was to die for. 

They laughed, joked and told tales of each of their lives and they got to know each other to the point of comfortability. After 2 hours of “getting to know you” her partner suggested that we go to her place.

They got into their respected automobiles and followed the true female to her place of play. She never, ever brought anyone to her home as that space in her life was sacred.  You had to be pretty damn special to be allowed in her home and only 2 men had met her requirements.

She had modified an old warehouse into an awesome dungeon. Starting with the freight elevator and the wooden slats for a door that went up and down.  She had walls built and covered with the finest Schumacher Chiang Mai Dragon Aquamarine Wallpaper. As you went from one room to another you could see she appreciated all types of art.

She had favored Monet years back and one room was filled lovely, priceless artwork. She appreciated the talent of sculptures, painters, rug weavers and you name it.  She always took in any art form that crossed her path.

She enjoyed photography and nature which she always found something to visually enjoy. Her interests ran from the most mundane evening of sitting back and watching a movie to flying to Paris for desert.

Spirituality was a big part of her life as was astrology. Being a scorpio, she was very intuitive, psychic, sexual, sensual and so much more than the average woman. She was extremely strong mentally as well as physically.

She had done things she wasn’t proud of but it was part of her life and she knew that she was up against the wall so much in her life. She was very classy and driven and no man was allowed to trifle with her emotions.

The evening was going to get wild and crazy and the air was charged with sexual desire.