This time last year he was living with his girlfriend and feeling that giddy feeling one feels when they are “love struck”.  He enjoyed the fruits of his girlfriend who was twenty years his junior.

Men always seemed to fall for young pussy because its such a boost to their lame ass egos. They like the fact that sex is always available which included anal and blow jobs. Most men do not have the balls to try to engage their spouses in such sexual acts as it made them look like perverts.

What he wasn’t prepared for was the young girl would want to hook him in and reel. He didnt prepare himself for the word “marriage” which is what his little twat wanted. He has spoken to his sister about the relationship and even though she supported him she didn’t think he should have left his wife.

He tried to let go of his obsession for someone online and thought he had found the perfect woman.  Then she started dropping those little bombs demanding commitment. The press had even reported that he was going to take her to the United Kingdom and marry her.

The sex was great or so he thought since he hadn’t been fucked by his wife in a very long time. He got lost in her ego stroking and she made him feel so damn special that she became an addiction.

He tried so damn hard to close the chapter of his life which included the woman on line. He quit following her personal blog but he did keep up on her erotica. He enjoyed reading her stories and he knew that the two of them belonged together.

How often does one run across someone that had the same thoughts, dreams, wishes and desires? He knew that they were two identical halves that made a perfect whole. He was to afraid of his own desires to act on them so he sat back day after day reading her words and wanting to be with her.

He tried damn hard to put his wife back into his life after the divorce and be the perfect family man but he couldn’t clear his mind of that one woman. His boys and his wife would take vacation selfies and the mother of his children couldn’t help but wrap her arms around him to show the world that he was hers.

He would never be happy with the woman who was once his wife but he gave it a hell of a go. He did the family get togethers, birthdays, holidays ect. but his heart was empty of love and he hated living a mediocre life with a woman.

He would go into the new year wanting only one woman and it about drove him out of his mind not having her. He had everything his desired except love, that deep all consuming love all of want.

He had everything money could buy but he just couldn’t fill that empty spot that needed more than a quick piece of ass or an old, worn out marriage could supply him. He tried to come to terms with what he knew to be true but it wasn’t that easy.

It was so damn hard being faithful to his wife and he knew that he would have to close that chapter completely before he could approach the very person that made him feel alive, made him feel excitement, made him feel anything.

He tried to make his wife happy and she was beyond thrilled that he wanted her back. Little did she know it wasn’t her he wanted but to be a part of the family get togethers and being more involved with his two youngest boys.

After trying to put the pieces back together him and his wife gave it one hell of a go and the wife thought the pieces were all falling back into place. Little did she know her husband never forgot about that one woman.

He would chat online with that special woman but after several weeks he would disappear because he was afraid to show himself to her. He would be the good husband and celebrate the wife’s birthday with a trip with friends.

Then shortly after came the holidays and he so enjoyed being part of the festivities that involved his entire family as well as hers. After the new year he got bored to death and reached out to the woman online once again.

Finally, excepting the fact that he couldn’t be without the online woman he finally cut ties with his wife. He had finally let himself feel the emotions he had suffocated for so long. The rich boy would let himself meet the very woman that would fill his heart and keep him grounded.