He opened his briefcase and took out an envelope which he handed to her immediately.  He asked her if there was anything else she would like him to do or to give her. She was not one you could impress with expensive gifts. She did appreciate the numerous gifts she had received but she was happier to see animals being cared for.

Finally, she agreed to giving him a session and told him he had one hour of her time once they left the hotel. She lived a half hour south of the city which gave him a half hour to get his kink on.

They entered the dungeon and he followed her into a room of comfortable chairs, couches and ottomans. She ordered him to sit on the ottoman and she placed one foot on his lap and told him to remove her shoe.

He gently removed the stiletto and buried his nose into the shoe. He loved the smell of a woman’s shoe and true to form hers was just lovely. She had him do the same to her other foot. Standing up she ordered him to remove her stockings which gave him a chance to touch her upper thigh.

While she was in session her sissy had walked her dogs and was preparing a bubble bath. In the kitchen, there was  a lovely Coq Au Vin cooking and fresh homemade rolls rising in the proofing box.

The sissy new there was going to be some painful moments with the mistress when she was done with with her session. Stupid me said the sissy as he thought back to the earlier meeting. He had made the mistake of interrupting the conversation between the mistress and her client.

The mistress was very kind but also very firm and the sissy knew that when the mistress gave the sissy a present it was more likely than not new lingerie. The sissy knew that the mistress would want to see the sissy in the outfit and the sissy always complied.

As the mistress was in session the sissy opened the box and found a lovely set of lingerie made up of soft pink and lace. He touched the lace panties to his cheek and then he rubbed them on his cock.

He loved ladies lingerie and the gift was so appreciated and he couldn’t wait to put them on. Assuming the mistress would be in an hour long session, he snuck into her bedroom and he removed his maids uniform.

Placing his uniform on the mistresses bed he slipped off his shoes, stockings, garter and bra. He then sat on her bed and slipped the panties on then the bra but he was unaware that the mistress was standing in the doorway watching.

She was wrapping up her session with the sheik by allowing him to lick her boots and rub his cock on them. She left him sitting on the ottoman in total bliss as she went looking for her sissy.

She followed the aroma of the cooking food and the only thing in the kitchen was dinner cooking. She walked through her home looking for the sissy and she finally headed toward her bedroom looking for him.

She did not expect to see him admiring himself in her full length mirror but that is where she found him. Hands on his hips he bent this way then that way checking himself out and totally in love with what he saw.

She whistled at him which shocked him as he wasnt expecting her and he turned around so quickly he almost fell. She didnt say a word but her eyes told him all he needed to know.

She turned and walked away without a single word which made things even worse as her silence would always be followed by a severe lashing. He quickly removed the clothing and put back on his uniform.

Once dressed, the sissy headed towards the kitchen to finish dinner. His mistress had returned to the dungeon and the sheik was shooting his wad all over her boots. Once finished, she ordered him to clean and polish her boots.

To be continued…………….