His day started at 5 a.m. as he rolled out of bed his feet would never feel the cold floor as he would slide them into a pair of Gucci princetown leather & fur loafer slides. He always slept naked and the assault of cool air on his unclothed body was an early eye opener for sure.

He reached over to the end of the bed and picked up his derek rose duke 1 pure cashmere dressing gown a.k.a. as a robe. He enjoyed the feel of cashmere as it was so comforting and warm.

Once semi clothed he headed for the shower and turned on the towel heater so his towels would be warm and toasty. He looked in the mirror and talking to himself he asked ” is this all there is to life?”

Sure, his life was made easy by money, loads and loads of it but he lacked satisfaction. He was not satisfied with his numerous investments, automobiles, planes or home life. Yes, he loved his wife and kids but he just wasn’t getting that secret part of himself fed.

He had spent 20+ years in a marriage that he had long ago outgrown. He had even done what so many men do, he fell for a young pussy and actually thought she cared for him but truth be known his wallet was her truly only interest.

He was such a stupid fuck thinking that he would find happiness with her but she was nothing more than a toy, a plaything to be discarded when he realized she wanted marriage. He put his tail between his legs and went back to the wife asking for another chance to make the marriage work.

There he was, back in the family fold but he could never feed that burning desire, nope, nada definitely not with the wife. He was so torn between commitment and desire and the wanting to spend time with that one woman.

He slipped off his robe and stepped into the shower. Standing with his back to the wall the hot water pelted his body. Leaning back, he began to stroke his cock as he thought of her. He wanted her so badly but he was afraid she would fall for him like so many other women had.

Yes, it was true she wanted a relationship but on her terms. She didnt want to be tied to one person, especially one that traveled extensively. She just wanted to have someone to have dinner with once in a while and someone she could enjoy sex with.

She was a scorpio and most scorpios are considered perverts and over sexed. She was neither, as enjoying sex was a privilege one should enjoy without settling for someone that didnt sexually excite them.

Pervert? well, maybe, yes many would say she was but not in her eyes. She enjoyed making fantasies come true. She wanted to tie him up but not in the commitment way, she wanted to see yards and yards of rope wrapped around his body leaving him helpless.

His cock was rock hard as he envisioned her leaving him powerless. He was tired of being the one in control and it was so refreshing being able to let go. He could see her in his minds eye as she pushed him up against the wall.

She smelled so fresh and clean and her lips grazed his earlobe as her warm breath left him with chills down his back.  She let her fingernail travel down is chest leaving a white trail down his chest.  

She grabbed a handful of balls and smiled sweetly into his eyes. He actually enjoyed the tightness his balls felt. She told him he would not be allowed a hardon as she placed the cage on his cock. Stepping back, she tipped her head back and dropped the key into her mouth.

She placed the leather neck ring around his neck and hooked the chain from it to the loop on the cock cage. She made sure it was taught which kept him in a very uncomfortable place. 

She began to kiss his face and then french him deeply. Her kisses made him so excited his cock had no place to grow so it bent inside the cage. Her touch was so soft and erotic and the knowledge that he had no control was a total turn on.

Some of his fantasies were far fetched but some were quite obtainable as she touched on a bit of everything. She pulled the chain downward which made him fall to his knees and the she ordered him to put his hands behind his back.

He followed her orders as he felt a bit of fear giving her total control. He had never felt this comfortable with any other woman and he knew she would never deliberately hurt him or expose him for the kinky fucker he truly was.

She walked over to the sideboard and picked up a plate from the Wedgwood Floral Eden 21-Piece Set. She placed several pieces of various types of fruit onto the plate and then she headed back his way.

Standing in front of him in her thigh high boots and her leather skirt touched his nose. Placing her hand on the back of his head and using her other hand to lift her skirt she pushed his head into her pantiless crotch.

Her feminine aroma was intoxicating as she smelled like nothing he had ever smelled before. Her odor was beyond pleasant and one could see how easily she could become an addiction.

She had placed the plate  plate on the floor in front of him which left him a bit miffed trying to figure out what she was going to do next. After she teased him with her feminine odor she walked behind him and place her thigh high boot heel into the center of his back.

She pushed hard digging the heel in forcing him to bend over. She ordered him to eat the fruit like a dog. She told him he was nothing but a dog and he would be treated as such. He ate the fruit and licked the plate waiting for what was to come next.

She then inserted the tip of the enema bag into his ass. Sliding it into his rectum gently she then released the bag of warm, soapy water into him. The pain built up until he was begging to use the bathroom.

She told him he was a little bitch that would hold the contents until she said otherwise. She had a porta potty around the corner and she informed him he could use it but he would then clean up after himself.

It was humiliating to shit in front of a woman but this was even worse. She leaned against the wall with her arms folded as she watched him release. He turned six shades of red but he really did enjoy how degraded she made him feel.

He asked her for some toilet paper to wipe himself but she refused to give it to him. Ordering him to remove the bottom portion of the porta potty she showed him to the restroom.  He knew what was expected of him as she stood watching him empty the contents into the toilet.

Handing him a spray nozzle he washed out the container and then she gave him a bottle of bleach to sanitize the container. She then lead him back to her spanking bench and ordered him to bend over.

She then began to thrash him with a cane until his ass was beat red.  She already knew he didnt want skin broken so she never let things get that far. She took a break and walked around to the front of him.

Turning around, bending over and spreading her cheeks she backed her ass up to his nose and then she did the unspeakable, she flatuated. This shocked him but he enjoyed the smell to his surprise.

The alarm went off on his wrist watch and that brought him back to reality. Quickly finishing his shower he stepped out and grabbed the warm towel. Drying off his body he exited the bathroom and headed for the closet.

He looked quickly from one end of his walk in closet to the other end until his eyes landed on his Kiton textured solid two piece suit, high blue. Yes, today was going to be a blue day which was a nice change from his usual black. 

He had a busy day ahead but unlike most, his day was not a 9-5 and he was going to make an appointment with that one special woman. He was going to grow some balls and finally allow himself to meet this woman.