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Please read these words and take them to heart, remember those that aged and had no choice but to depart. Open a door, lend a helping hand as I am getting old without a man. Life is full circle as we graduate from diapers to panties and then back to diapers, we are old and most of us discarded.

Once a young girl with long blond hair now an old woman who has no one who cares. Placed between four walls her only enjoyment is walking the halls. No one will call, no one will visit she is alone and misses her home but no one cares as she shared her life to give others a happy life without out strife.

She once wanted money she once wanted fame but as she aged she realized that those things are only lame. She is an old woman who never wanted to be a burden as her body leaves her hurtin’. She remembers the days she visited her deceased and she hopes she can feel free upon release.

Her headstone was a reminder to her friends and family to be kinder and not to leave an old woman to die alone with no family to find her. Is this the way you want to reach the other side left alone in four walls to die?