When is the last time you felt complete, totally and unequivocally complete? Im talking from above your head and below your feet? You know that feeling, the feeling that absorbs your entire being and you are blown away with happiness.

You drive down the street and a smile comes across your face and it just takes over your entire self. Things that bothered you before dont even grace your thoughts and you cannot wait until the next time you hear their voice, feel their body.

You are over taken by this person and its the best damn feeling in the world. There voice is deep and seductive and you so enjoy how you are just struck by their vocabulary. You have accepted long ago that this person is full of intrigue and no mental light weight in the least.

But feeling complete is not part of your life currently as you go on familia vacations and celebrate birthdays you smile, yes you smile but you were trained long ago how to pretend and you let no one see the real you.

Little do you know your significant other is faking it hoping to make it. Yep, they are hoping that you will want to stay and work on your relationship but they already know the truth, you dont and you will walk out the door never to return.

When you went back home the sex was more available and your partner does more to please you but it is short lived. The sex dwindles rather quickly but your spouse makes it look like the two of you are mad about each other.

You start to reach out to that special person that occupies your mind, the person that excites you, stimulates you, makes you laugh and makes you feel complete. Yes, they fill you up and you wish you were face to face, kissing her and the smell of their cologne, shampoo excites you.

So what do you do? Do you continue to live your life for others or are you finally going to take the plunge and meet the “mysterious one”? You have lived a rich life, traveled often, eaten the finest of foods and drank of the finest of wines. You’ve had your share of sexual encounters, some satisfying and some not so much.

You have loved, procreated and your name is stamped in the history books. But what now? Do you continue to fake your happiness or are you going to make the change you know you need to make? 

We grow old so quick so feeling complete is something all of us need and should strive for. Everyone deserves to be happy, I mean that type of happiness that makes our cheeks hurt from smiling so much and all we can think about is the next time we are with that person, the person we are destined to be with.