I know the second you read the title you started to laugh. You may have even laughed out loud and making those around you wondering what is so funny.

If only they knew, if only they knew the real you. You hide behind the smile and give those around you the impression o fuck back to farts and women.

Truth be known women do not fart we have tiny explosions between our legs. If you believe that then I’m sure you wouldn’t find it suspect for a nun to be kneeling in a cucumber field.

There are several different types of farts. There is the wet fart which is a hiccup of shit then there’s the fart that is a series of small but rapid farts. Then not least is the end silent but deadly fart. It introduces itself by being silent but sends into the room a horrendous odor.

So do tell why do we think farting is so funny? I think a sense of humor is as important as being honest.