A Cold Beer

He was like so many other men that lived the white collar lifestyle. He attended the right parties, rubbed elbows with the elite and was highly respected in his field of acquisitions and mergers.

He had gone through the typical life as most men did as he married his high school sweetheart, fucked like rabbits which lead to a family full of boys. They went from spooning to sleeping on their own side of the bed.

The story of his life was like so many other men and even though he was well off financially he was emotionally barren. Since his divorce he was able to fuck any other woman without having the fear of his wife finding out.

He got caught up in a relationship that lead to his divorce and he realized after filing for divorce and moving out that she was a huge mistake. He broke it off with her and now his divorce was over he was free to do whomever he so chose.

He had been invited to a bbq at a friends rv and he decided he would stop by just to see what if anything would peek his interest. He arrived in the early evening just as dinner was getting ready to be served.

Out of no where came a lovely lady that introduced herself and asked him if he was hungry. He said he was and she said she would be right back with a plate of food. True to her word she brought him a plate with steak, baked potato, corn on the cob and a bowl of salad.

He told him to set down and to eat and she would be right back with her own plate, that is if he was open to having company, which he was. She grabbed a couple of ice cold beers and they sat together and ate as they shared pleasantries.

Finding themselves extremely attracted to each other  they listened to the adults with kids as they called the  snipes they were hunting. The funny thing was there was no such thing as a snipe and that just gave the adult a reason to get the kids away from camp so the other parents could knock off a round or two, if you know what I mean.

They headed towards her tent and she lead him by the hand into her tent and she turned around and kissed him deep. She undid the buttons to her shirt and placed his hand down into bra where he cupped her breast.

He could feel her nipple get hard and  he removed her breast from the protective material. He sucked on her nippe as he played with her other breast. She could feel her wetness soak into the crotch of her panties and she so wanted him to finger her wetness.

She took his hand and lead it under her skirt and she gave him carte blanche once at the crotch of her panties. She whispered in his ear, finger me honey please finger my pussy. He was such a gentleman he would do what every man should do and that is to finger that pussy.

She found her hand wandering around the crotch of his pants as she unzipped and unsnapped his jeans. She could feel his bulging cock and she couldn’t wait to get her hand on his member.

She finally found the secret of her desire and she kissed him down his chest to the head of his cock. She licked and teased the head while he fingered and positioned her so he could lick her wetness.

He buried his face into her crotch and he fingered her pussy while he sucked on her clit. She was sucking on his cock when all of a sudden she squirted all over. She begged him to fuck her and her flipped her over onto all fours and he guided his hard cock into her warmth.

He grabbed her thighs and fucked her deep, hard and fast and he leaned over her playing with her clit. They ended up having orgasms that coincided and both of them thoroughly enjoyed their camping experience.