Welcome to my site-

                                                    I am a 56 yrs. old widow with a 19 yr. old son and 19 21yr. old daughter.  things that interest me are animals, love all of them especially dogs, cats and horses , technology, travel, interested in new cultures, writing, reading, water sports, bdsm, camping, fishing, spiritual, compassionate, giving, trusting, honest and on and on.

I like erotic fantasy and find the body to be beautiful and naked is normal to me. Everyone has fantasies and I have chosen to share mine with whom ever. I do hope you enjoy my site and if you would like to send suggestions of a positive nature please do so. Once again, thank you for reading my blog.

A Message to ponder:


Welcome to my blog, it is a series of short stories interlinked about sexual fantasy’s that I have had from time to time. Everyone has sexual fantasies but so many people refuse to let those “secret moments of desire” out and share them with their partner. Sexual desire is not something to be ashamed of or embarrassed about, it is purely natural to have desires of passion and sex.

Men enjoy when they know their partners secret fantasies, it makes sex so much more exciting and makes the partner more desirable. Men love lingerie, not the cheap red and black outfits, but the corsets, garter belts, stockings, black high heels and crotchelss panties.

Go out to dinner and wear that under your dress, as you are about the have an apéritif, slowly take his hand and let him rub your thigh, encourage him to go higher and higher, he will glide between your thighs and find your sweetness, wet and warm waiting for him, he begins to rub your clit and you are having a hard time breathing you begin to oooooooo and aaaaaahhhhhhh, he has a huge erection, you both slip quickly out of your dinner booth and take the glass elevator up to your room but not before he has you bend over and throws your dress over your head and enters you with such a thrust you almost hit your head on the glass wall, not carrying who sees, he shoots his hot cum inside you.

Now that is erotic, hot and exciting and that’s how relationships stay together, the exciting, unexpected but inevitable.

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